Olympic Party: Social Network App Design Progress

In the first week in the UXDI immersive course at General Assembly, I got a project to design an app for the topic “Olympic”. I propose an idea of an mobile application to help users to set up “Olympic watch events” to encourage users to watch games by bringing their personal community together for a fun watching experience. It includes not only setting up events among their friend, close groups but also their related communities, such as the people who has the same nationality or who support the same player. It can also help to set up interactive activities for them to enjoy the watch event even more.


Olympic is a very uprising topic now, and luckily we have a very diverse class. So I was able to interview a few classmates from different countries about how they feel towards this topic.

Although Olympics is a international event, but unlike the football/ soccer World Cup, where there are many enthusiastic fans for this particular sport, that many people loves to watch the every games for the latest updates. However, for Olympics there are so many sport that are uncommon so people do not follow as much.

User Research

I listed out a few general questions for my interviewees. The purpose is to see what do they “think” or “feel” about Olympic.

  1. How much do you know about Olympic?
  2. What was the last time you watch a Olympic game? How do you like it? Why?
  3. What device do you usually watch the games on? Or what media do you usually get your news information from?
  4. What type of Olympic sports do you usually/prefer to watch? Why?
  5. What are your favorite things/painful things from watching the games? Why?
“ I like watching Olympic games with my friends but not usually watch it by myself”
“ When I don’t watch the games or cannot watch the games I only get my updates from friends or from Facebook.”
“ I like gymnastics, volleyball, basketball or ice skating. Because they are easy and beautiful to watch.”

Problem Statement

From my interviews, I’ve learned that a common problem among the users I interviewed is that they don’t follow all games when they do not have a strong interest in sports. However they all like the concept that Olympic is bringing communities together. They all watch and enjoyed the games more when they watch with their friends, family and people with the same nationality.

The Idea

People rather to watch games with people, because it is fun to cheer for a team together. Such like Fantasy Football, where a lot of people plays the game but do not follow the actually games. This app can encourage to people to watch the game together so it is more exciting.

Fantasy Football- Credit: fantasy.fnl.com

Usability Test: Paper Prototype

IIteration I: Setting up watch events.

Before the user test I explained the app very briefly: This is an app that can help you set up fun watching events with your friends or the people your do not know but will support the same team. Because I found out that people usually do not follow Olympic games because some of them might not like sports but enjoyed in watching the games with others.

Step 1- Cover page: Cover page to notify user that the app is ready in use.

Step 2- News page: Shows users about the news and upcoming games. If users are interested in one of the games, they can clink on it and go to the next page.

Step 3- Game information page: Users can find information here and decide if they want to set up an event for this game or not.

Step 4- Watch party selection: Users can pick what group of people they want to invite to the watch event.

Step 5- Friend selection: Users pick the individual people they want to invite to the event here.

Step 6- Event page: Users can do the final adjustments here and send out invites on their social media.

User testing


User test A: Wish there can be more category at the news pages. Wish I can pick a sport that I like.

User test B: The news information page is a little confusing. Wish can be clearer and cleaner.

User test C: What are the differences between friends & community? It would be nice if the app can tell us where to host the watch party as well.

Overall, people find it easy to navigate but could better if this app can really emphasis the event planning portion.

IIteration ll: Clarifications

  1. Adding selection categories for users to find the game they want to watch.
  2. Making the game information page cleaner and easier to read.
  3. Making the friends selection even simpler so to give user only two choices: do you want to watch with the people you know, or the people you do not know? and adding the event venue suggestion & selection section.
  4. Lastly, the invitation becomes clearer to tell people which game they are watching, where they are meeting, and who are going to the event.
Here is the link to the viewable prototype: Link

Next Steps

For the next steps I would do the viewable prototype on a different application than POP because it has a lot of glitches while I was making the first iteration. I would try to reorganize the action buttons on the app to make it more together, and users would spend less time on navigation but action.

I would also add a “back” button so users can go back to the last step to edit their information.

For users who want to find a game quickly, I would also add a “search button to help them find a game they want to watch quickly.