Summer ‘14 iOS developer recharge

Michel Mongkhoy
Jun 4, 2014 · 2 min read

A few days ago, I watched this. I heard Facebook developers talking about the challenge of making the Paper’s app. How they use the MVVM pattern to test their views. How they build libraries like Pop for creating interactions and animations.

It was inspiring.

I must admit I didn’t get everything of all the talks (yet). But I felt it was good to be an iOS developer right now. A developer I always wanted to be. A developer who uses the last trendy library and tools. A developer who gives back to the developer community by sharing how they resolve things. Writing blog posts, pushing open source code, or speaking at conferences. Being a developer hipster.

So, here’s my plan this summer to be a trendy iOS developer hipster:

Here is my iOS recharge for this summer! Hope it works :-)

    Michel Mongkhoy

    Written by

    Software Developer, Designer apprentice

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