London Real Business Accelerator: The “Killer App” of all Online Business Courses

My whole life has always been about DIY learning and experimenting, going the alternative paths, spending whole nights of sucking up information on the Internet, and countless dollars spent on Amazon books and online courses of all kinds.

I have personally been wanting to build an online info-business for more than 5 years and I have paid thousands of dollars to the Kerns, Patels, Flynns, Brunsons, Sethis and other “gurus” of the online world. Although they all provide great content, I was never able to succeed at building my online business with their services. I always felt something was missing…

From giving up to finally believing

After giving up on my dream to build an online business, I accidentally stumbled upon London Real and quickly felt attracted by the interviews brilliantly conducted by Brian Rose, the Founder and host of London Real. After giving my email away in exchange of a very good interview with the Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos, I received an email from Brian explaining what his “secret sauce” was: accountability. His promise to his future students of his course, the London Real Business Accelerator (LRBA) was that we would be 100% accountable to our classmates, our team leader and to Brian Rose himself.

I always knew that the biggest problems with the online business courses I purchased were that they were all about the content of the guru or teacher and nothing about the students’ results, let alone being accountable to anything. I had already learned a lot through those courses, but with lack of guidance and accountability, I had never succeeded in building my dream business. Little did I know that 8 weeks later I would have a viable online business that was able to make more than $1,000 in sales, thanks to the accountability and the structure provided by LRBA.

Meet the Killer App of all online business courses

I knew that having accountability to other people was for me the perfect killer app. I already knew a lot about how to build an online business but had never been able to succeed at building one because I had not yet found the killer app of all online business courses. 
A killer app as is defined as a feature, function, or application of a new technology or product that is presented as virtually indispensable or much superior to rival products. One of the central characteristics of a killer app is that it incorporates “killer features” that prove so useful as to become the main attractions of the product. So what are those killer features?

“Guru-less” philosophy and horizontal teaching

Most of the online business courses I tried before LRBA always felt “guru-oriented” and very top bottom in terms of how the information flowed. The guru would tell you what to do, and you would try to copy as you could, and most of the time on your own. In LRBA, the course is designed so that information flows a lot more horizontally and the concept of top-down teaching completely disappears.

First, Brian delegates most of the leadership to a crew of 5 team leaders who each works with about 15–20 students during the course of the 8 weeks. Actually, the term “team facilitators” would a better word since one of the main philosophies of the course is “extreme ownership”. This central concept forces every student to try first to overcome by himself the challenges related to the tasks at hand or would ask his team members for help before asking questions to the team leader. As a result, about 90% of the course is spent interacting with our teammates, asking questions to each other, getting feedback from each other and finding answers together.

I learned a lot from this approach because in other online business courses I took when asking the guru instead of just trying to do it, it was basically my own scared monkey brain that was trying avoid getting things done. By forcing us to go beyond our resistances, the LRBA made us overcome all obstacle by ourselves, either individually or as a team.

Extreme accountability and friendly competition

This horizontal teaching and learning environment would however never work if students were not forced to be accountable to each other. In the LBRA, this was made possible through two features: The Accountability Document and the Team Olympics.

The Accountability Document is a spreadsheet where each task of all 8 modules is put in a spreadsheet that everybody sees: team members, team leaders and Brian Rose himself. As a result, everyone knows the progress of every single student in the class and it makes public the progression of all students’ tasks during the week. This allows for positive peer pressure as we always know who’s ahead and who’s not.

However, the Accountability Document would not work in itself if the LRBA didn’t have another killer feature: the Team Olympics. During the second week of the course, the class got divided into 6 groups, which then began competing against each other for the weekly Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. The weekly Olympics usually consisted of a series of hard tasks to be completed before midnight of each Friday, and thanks to the Accountability Document, which showed the progress of each team and team members, all were encouraged to complete all the tasks so that their team would hopefully win the Gold at the end of the week.

Real Life Student Rewards

While the Accountability Document relies on the Team Olympics to work, the Team Olympics would not work without real-life rewards that come with winning a medal at the end of the week. After all, just playing the game to get the Gold would not be enough to make students accountable and really get it done. There needed to be a reward introduced in the process of the Olympics and the Accountability document to really get the teams to go forward in their week and try to win the highest medal on the list.

For the 3 top teams of the Olympics, Brian Rose offers an important reward: London Real, which has hundreds of thousands of followers, allows the winners of the Olympics to share a post to London Real’s followers on Twitter, Facebook and on his email list, depending on which medal is won. This way, the winners of the Olympics get their names and products shown to a very big audience.

For anyone starting an online business, getting your work seen by an important number of people can be a life changer. Hence, during the weekly Olympics, it became for most students ultimate motivation: being accountable to each other would allow us to maybe win the Gold and have work seen by thousands of London Real’s follower.

The glue that holds it together

Hence, those are the killer features that make LRBA the killer app of all online courses. In none of the dozen online business courses I took before did I see such a structure of accountability and horizontal teaching and cooperation. Also, with the prizes given to teams who make it in the top 3 positions at the end of the course, the LBRA makes sure that both accountability and horizontal collaboration work their magic and the students achieve results.

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