Paynut is shutting down.

Dear Friends,

In 2014 a few friends (Jeremy, Mike, JP and Mich) identified a huge issue of overconsumption and materialism. People tended to get more stuff accumulated in their homes. This stuff just created more dependency and did not make us happier.

Therefore, we created, a great website where people could give and receive those objects in their neighbourhood. Since the early beginning we got a massive support from a lot of friends, members and the press as well. Rapidly, our user base grew from 1000…2000…3000 users and over.

Despite this huge enthusiasm and all the effort we have put in this project, we did not reach traction. In other words, our website did not take off. Therefore, we have decided to shut down Paynut as from today.

We would like to thank every member for their support and enthusiasm. Thank you and keep sharing! If you wish to send as a message, do not hesitate to post on our fb page ( or to send us an email (every mail will be answered).


Jeremy, Mike, JP and Mich