My Top 5 Productivity Apps

All apps offer a free version and one or more payment options, I recommend that you try the free version first, as newcomers rarely need to use all the features of the programs.

  1. Evernote
    An undisputed winner for compiling notes, pictures and even voice-memos saved from several different devices. You are on a lecture and can take notes directly on Evernote on the computer, take a photo of one of Grandmother’s old recipes or record an interview for a school project, all organized and cynked at one place. Absolutely wonderful.
  2. Dropbox
    Just as Evernote for me is the undisputed winner for notes, Dropbox is a undisputed winner on cloud storage. It’s easy to organize and create documents for different projects, Dropbox allows synchronisation between all your devices, and best of all, it’s super easy to share documents with friends or classmates who do a group project together.
    Going around and remembering things is not a good idea, because then it gets harder to do other actions as efficiently as possible. Humans equivalent to the computers RAM, our short-term memory works just like a computer, and when it starts to get full, all processes goes allot slower. That’s why I usually try to unclutter myself as much as possible from “stuff I must not forget” and get them down on an easy to-do list. It should be quick and easy which Any.Do manages with elegance. Super.
  4. Pocket
    An outsider and maybe not as well-known as the others. But as more and more information becomes digital, news articles, scientific articles,ads or gossip magazines. Pocket can save you loads of time as you find stuff online and saved to be read later. You may find a super interesting news article online but do not have the opportunity to read it at the spot, then you can save it to Pocket and read it at a later time. During regular browsing, I usually save about 5–10 clippings, which can also be categorized using tags. A real lifesaver.
  5. Momentum
    You will probably not find an easier and straight forward app to increase productivity. Momentum lets you decide a habit that you want to start or a habit you want to stop, and then you just check every day as you keep your habit. It’s a self-confidence boost when you see how good you’ve done. You may want to quit smoking, work out regularly or start meditating. Set your goal and see how your self-esteem is improved after a week.