Not just the Boy Scouts of America
Sarah Wyman

While I am not against co-ed participation in groups as a rule, I think that most people do not realize that Girl Scouts is much more than selling cookies, doing crafts and learning “homemaking skills.” That might have been the case many, many years ago, but today’s Girl Scouts are more about STEM, Outdoor activities, and Leadership Skills. They just introduced a whole series of Robotics programs for the younger girls. They have Mariners and High Adventure troops, award winning Robotics teams, programs for Coding, and Engineering, financial literacy, international travel opportunities, and programs that help develop leadership skills, entrepreneurship, public speaking etc. Of course, not all troops are the same; some may be more focused on activities that some girls may not be interested in. I imagine that Boy Scouts are no different here. But you can always join another troop or do the programs you want on your own.

The Gold Award is just as valuable as the Eagle Scout when it comes to college scholarships. Girls spend between 1 to 2 years working to earn the Gold award, producing a sustainable project that can be related to national or global issues. Additionally Gold Award recipients who join the armed forces enter at one rank higher than other recruits.

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