Cloth: What holds up

…and maybe a little of what doesn’t. I have been cloth diapering for 9.5 months now and I definitely have my favorites, as far as durability. Here they are, from best to, well…not the best.
For reference: I launder on heavy, hot/cold, high spin with a scoopful of Tide regular powder about 3 times a week. I tumble dry on normal. Always. My baby is in a size 12/18mos. clothing. She’s 9.5 mos. old.

1. Applecheeks

I have a love a love affair with the cut, the sizing, pretty much everything (including durability). They still look brand new, they still fit my large girl well on a size 2 (and will for some time) and they launder beautifully. I don’t have a stain, stretched out elastic or flaws in the material, no fade. LOVE.


2. Grovia

I really like Grovia. I wish I had more. I have one cover that is used as a swim diaper/general cover and it looks like new. The elastic is great and the sizing is good; it’s still not as generous as my Applecheeks size 2. No stains, stretched out elastic or flaws in material, no fade. A quality diaper.


2. Blueberry

No, that’s not a typo. Honestly, Blueberry and Grovia are tied for the #2 spot. I am impressed with Blueberry. I ordered the Basix. It has a double microfiber insert sewn into the crotch and a pretty fuzzy interior. No other microfiber diaper has been able to hold up to the flood EXCEPT this diaper. The elastic is awesome, the sizing is good (it still fits). I don’t have a stain, stretched out elastic or flaws in material, no fade. A quality diaper.


3. Thirsties

Thirsties is like that horse, Old Reliable. It might not be the fastest or strongest horse, but it gets the job done every time. The elastic is great, the cut is good (she will be able to wear it for a while longer). I have one or two minimal stains, but no flaws in the material and no fade. I have the AIOs; she outgrew the absorbency pretty quickly. So, I put a cotton soaker underneath the microfiber and she does just fine; no leaks. Thirsties is a go-to diaper. It’s good quality for the price.


4. Bum Genius

I like Bum Genius, they make a pretty good diaper. I have 6 various styles. I will say that while I haven’t had a problem with the elastic, yet, I can tell that it isn’t as durable as some of the other brands. However, the fit is great; still not as generous as Applecheeks size 2. I have one or two little stains, I’m questioning when I’m going to have an issue with elastic, no flaws in material, no fade. A good diaper.

Verdict: GOING

5. Rumperooz

I really hate to put Rumperooz at #5, but I am just so disappointed with the fit. My girl is 9.5 months and she just can’t fit in them anymore; the rise is too short. The legs cut and the waist is still not as tight as I’d like. I have said this before about Rumperooz, they are made for a shorter baby with a wider waist. That is the main reason it’s at number 5. The second is because the inside is prone to staining. I don’t know what it is, but poop loves to cling to the fibers with a vengence. I don’t have this problem with any other diaper, except Wink (we will get to that in a minute). BUT the elastic is top-notch, the fabrics are THE BEST, no flaws, no fade. A good diaper if your babe is on the shorter side and if you are VERY diligent about washing.

Verdict: NOT USING

6. Imagine

If you are looking for a less expensive, decent quality diaper…Imagine is hard to beat. The cut is generous and will fit for a while, which I love. They launder well, no stains. The inside does look a bit beat up, it didn’t hold up as well, but for the price…meh. Also, I question the elastic, much like the Bum Genius. It’s still holding, but for how much longer? Time will tell. The material is good, I’ve noticed a small amount of fade, but nothing drastic or cringeworthy. It’s a decent diaper for the price.

Verdict: GOING

7. Wink

Wink isn’t a bad diaper, but it’s just not for me. The prints are adorable, which is why it pains me to put it at #7, but alas, it deserves it. Sorry, Wink. The cut is good, but a little on the small side. It’s not Rumperooz sizing, but it’s approaching. The inside is my main issue. I purchased two AIO bamboos. The bamboo sewn in inserts are hard to lay flat AND they stain. Like, CRAZY STAIN. In fact, one is in the trash because it would not come clean and the other is going for wash #2 with bleach because it won’t let go of the ammonia. I did everything and it still had a smell…of poo!!! The staining mixed with residue was just too much. I have bamboo/cotton inserts from SLOOMB and Nicki’s Diapers; they are wonderful. I love them, so I know it’s not me, It’s Wink. On the upside, the elastic was great, love the prints and the outside material was of high quality, no fade. Unless you have a very strict wash schedule and rinse right after a poop, you’re better off with a less maintenance diaper.

Verdict: NOT USING

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