UXDI Project 1 — Plan & Pack

Day 1 of our UXDI course at GA:
After an Intro to User Experience design, we were given our first project and everyone had to present an interactive prototype of a mobile application on Friday.

Project Brief

We had to choose from a list of topics and i was pretty comfortable with FOOD because I LOVE FOOD. My jaw dropped when we were told to work on the topic chosen by our partner which means I won’t be working on FOOD but TRAVEL instead :(

Before we start to design the mobile app, we need to interview 3 students to find out about their needs and define a problem which our app will solve.

User Interviews

1st round of interview
We were given some time after the 1st day of class to try interviewing some classmates before a lecture on User Research tomorrow morning.

HAHA! Thinking back about the first round of interview, I didn’t get any usable data at all! My questions were all leading, dead-end or compound questions!! I gave up after interviewing one classmate and went home a bit depressed thinking that I suck at user interviews. I got home and started to some research on User Interviews online and I realised I was unprepared and the questions I asked were incorrect.

The next day we were taught how to interview properly, I took a long time after that to brainstorm and craft the right questions so that i would not make the same mistakes again.

User interviews

2nd round of interview
I’ve prepared some questions and started interviewing. When chatting with my first interviewee, I asked her on how often does she travel, does she plan before she travel, what does she look out for when planning for her trip and how was her trip. We were talking about the places she went, she suddenly exclaimed that she forgot to bring her sunglasses when visiting a flower festival in Osaka. She said everyone looked cool and good taking pictures with their sunglasses on but she couldn’t because she forgot to bring it! I asked her why since she made a packing checklist she said she simply just forgot about it and it wasn’t even in her checklist.

After the interview with her, I wondered if it was because of the way she pack and plan for her trip that caused her to completely forget about her sunglasses

So for the next 3 interviewees, I narrowed down and focus on finding out how users prepare and plan for their trip and also find out if there are other people who forgot to bring their things during their trip and why.

Some of the questions I asked were:
1) How often do you travel?
2) When was the last time you travelled? Purpose of the trip?
3) Did you plan the last trip yourself? How and what did you do?
4) How did you start to pack your luggage for that trip, what is it based on?
5) Can you recall an incident when you missed out and forget to bring something during your trip? What was it? Why did you forget to bring it?

Affinity map with the data I gathered from the interviews.

With the input from my user interviews, I did the affinity map and concluded the “I” statements for each grouping.

Some findings from the User interviews and the affinity map:

  • Most users will plan their trip
    They will decide travelling dates and which country to travel before finding out the weather, temperature, places to eat nice food and where will be good to visit.
  • How users start packing their luggage
    Imagine/sort of have an idea of what it is like during the trip and start to make a checklist of what to bring or start packing their bags.
  • Why did they forget to bring their things
     It didn’t cross their mind at all or did not know they need to bring it.
  • Most users gave themselves more than enough time to pack
    Users pack 1–7 days before trip but most of them added on that it only took few hours to put items into the luggage.

Problem Statement

Users forget to bring their things even after planning for their trip because it did not cross their mind or they did not know they had to bring it.


The mobile app that I will be designing will helps user to make a checklist so that they would not miss out anything for their trip. It will also suggest what to bring based on the destination and places users will visit during the trip. The app will remind them the day before the trip when there are still items unchecked in their checklist.

User flow
Quick sketches of what the app would look like


I start designing the interface with Sketch and prototyped my app with Invision.

Things to be Improved

After the presentation, I received a great feedback that it would be better if I could indicate what items user would want to bring to each location so that users will not forget to bring the items when visiting the place(see proposed change to be made on screen 06, circled).

Final Thoughts

For someone with graphic design background, this whole process from understanding users to making of the prototype hasn’t been easy. 
The brief is no longer about just creating beautiful visuals, it is about understanding and solving the users’ problems. I feel that I struggled most at interviewing users and coming up with the affinity map and I’m thankful for having helpful classmates who crowded around my table giving me opinions and suggestions when they saw me stuck on the affinity map for hours. There are still so many things for me to learn from my classmates and about user experience design and I look forward to the next project!

I’m not sure if anyone made it this far but thanks for reading!