There are two sides to a coin, every other thing too, even silences. Silence is said to be golden, the same way it could be dangerous. Keeping mute may either turn out to be favorable or harmful, depending on what the situation is, what response the situation warrants.

Like the famous saying that “a problem shared is half solved.” Different things have happened to people for keeping silent. The same way people have benefited from being able to keep their mouth mute, in a similar vein, others have earned more than they bargained for, by remaining in silence.

Sadie Riggs was a promising young girl who was bullied in school. Her private device later showed up those details; she never let out the information or story of being bullied to anyone, not even to her mom or any family member. She eventually lost her live. So sad!

“Many others like that have lost their lives to different stories, all because they refuse to let out certain information about their predicament, sometimes this is because they are scared of making the situation worse or being harmed by the stalker. Why should one hurt himself or herself, endanger dear lives, all in the name of not wanting to divulge information about our private lives especially when it has to do with being bullied.” Michelle Davies.

Cyberstalking may be against an individual, group of people or even an organization.

Libel, Intimidation, accuse, slander and all that, all forms of common stalking. Cyberstalking occurred when the stalker has a secret or know the weakness of a victim. There is need to be careful of whom one confides in, to avoid stories that touch the heart.

There is no smoke without fire, so also there is no stalking without a cause. It could be to extort money or valuables, attention, sex relationship and all that.

Cyberstalking is a jailable offense in some part of the world.

“Every stalker knows stalking is wrong, not just punishable but jail-able” Michelle Davies

The stalker knows this, more reason why he threatens his victim not to report to a law enforcement agent.

The Tennessee law enforcement agency and a host of others have been prevalence in checking stalkers in recent time.

Several individuals and organizations have also been up and doing about checking cyberstalking in recent days. One of the prominent team handling stalking issues of late is the CSI AWARENESS GROUP!

The CSI Awareness was founded by Kris Degioia, and Mykle Hawke, based in in Nashville, TN.

CSI Awareness is an organization that provides complete protection to the victims of cyber stalking, cyber harassment and cyber bullying. Strongly works with THORN on human trafficking.

The stalker creates fear in the heart of his victim making it difficult for his victim to seek help.

As a stalker’s victim, there is need to open up, perhaps to your parents. The best to be done is getting in touch with the nearest law enforcement agent.

The CSI awareness team is ever ready to attend to all forms of stalking cases, with a vast wealth of experience from over two hundred successful cases, the team promises to handle every case passionately.

The team is fully backed up by law enforcement agencies, with approval for the CSI awareness’ groundbreaking software which has helped in achieving success.

CSI Awareness is committed to creating a much safer, online community. The company is committed to helping individuals, families and organizations alike and fights to take legal actions against the criminals.

CSI Awareness provides not only software but also, helping victims with practical help and advice as well as the emotional support they need to cope and recover from PTSD.

The CSI awareness website is user-friendly, awaits complaints from stalking victims who need to be protected. A live chat feature is also available as well as a very responsive support team in charge of emails.


Company Name: CSI Awareness

Contact Person: Michelle Davies