The Importance of Gratitude

One Saturday morning, I woke up early (well maybe not that early….around 9 a.m. and before my “normal” alarm clock time — and yes, I set alarm clocks on weekends.). That’s ok, right?!

That night before, I decided that I would run errands for my fur babies (aka — my adorable syrian hamsters) that morning. Before I reached Pet Valu, I noticed this cute store across the street — Labour of Love. I immediately walked across the street. I always adored cute little shops and I was not going to miss out on this one!

I was greeted by Regina, who was very friendly and made me feel at ease immediately! I picked up this amazing book by Dani DiPirro called “Gratitude”. I read the book probably five times that day because I couldn’t agree more.

Like any other person, I have ocassionally gloomy days or days where I just don’t feel like I am at my happiest but on days like these, I tell myself that there so many things in my life that I should be thankful and happy for — I have the most loving and supportive family and friends (who I may drive nuts at times!) that love me for who I am and accept me for my good and bad traits (…and hasn’t run away!) and for that I’m grateful for my life. Life isn’t always perfect, your plans may fail, you might not know what to do, you might feel lost and confused, and the list can go on and on….


..don’t forget to be thankful for what you have already. What’s right in front of you — tell your family you love them, appreciate and be grateful for your friends, shower your pets with endless amounts of love and cuddles, make a point to start each day with things you are thankful for and slow down and appreciate everything around you.

Photo Credit: Regina from Labour of Love

Until next time, Michelle