When the State gets it wrong, innocent people die — I was almost one of them
Damien Echols

The American Justice System is rotten from top to bottom and from the inside out. So many officials are bitter, power-hungry and only see black and white. These kind of people are in positions that can take decisions about other people’s lives. They don’t really want justice. They just want to see someone go down. Anyone. The war on drugs hasn’t done anything. The tough on crime policies have done nothing but lock up too many people for way too long (with a recidivism rate of 75% percent within 5 years). It is all kinds of fucked up. And then ONCE you’re in prison… There is no transparency as to what happens to you there. Stuck between concrete walls, guarded by people who may have the same hateful, power-hungry tendencies as the people up top. Not always and not everywhere. But it happens. And we, the people, can’t see it. And therefore can’t do anything about it. It really hurts me. Damien Echols I’m sorry this happened to you. And I am so happy you are sharing it with the world.