Vol. 1 No. 1

I like tinkering. I often take something on without thinking beyond “Let’s see if I can do this.”

I also like writing — and with the same thought in mind.

Those two likes have come together in a new publication I’ve started in partnership with Anita Sujin Leechor.

Lake Waban Blue

In this publication, we will be including fictional pieces and poems written by members of a writing group that Anita started. As a member of that writing group, I was impressed with what was being written and thought the stories deserved a home on Medium.

We published our very first issue yesterday. Vol. 1 no. 1. How cool is that?

This first issue contains a short story and two poems.

In Radio, Alexandria Narae Young writes of a divorced father of two who is captivated by a Top 40 song as he contemplates his relationship with his ex-wife.

In two years she hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t feel like I know who she is. I realize, with a start, that that means I didn’t know who she was two years ago, either.

In Thick-Soled, Rebecca Spilecki writes of a beachwalker who has earned her calluses to protect herself from sharp objects in her path but also learns that she is still susceptible to cuts and scars.

it’ll scar — you callus easily enough
but you scar easily enough too

In What have you Lost?, Rebecca Danos wonders what has been lost over the course of a lifetime and what remains to be found.

You once trod together down the hidden trail
Without foreboding of the division ahead

I invite you to follow along.

Let’s see what we can do.

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