How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Hustle

Borys Musielak
Jul 12, 2015 · 2 min read

Call me a conspiracy theory maniac, but I always felt like everyone is watching me.

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I imagined people waiting for my failure, so that they can proclaim their personal little victory and say

“I knew it! His business never made sense! How did they even get funded in the first place?”

Fear of failure was actually one of my key motivators when things were bad. I learned that it is the wrong, destructive motivator and I learned it bad way. It was destructive enough to bring me close to mental breakdown. I did not cross that line only because of the help I received from my wife and my parents who reacted at the right time.

Good things started happening when I stopped worrying about failing and decided not to give a fuck about what the people say. And you should do the same, the sooner, the better.

The good news is that you only need to follow these two simple steps.

  • Step one is to realize that… nobody is watching you. Really, you’re not that important. Smart people are too busy with their own projects, and why worry about the dumb ones? Lots of my fellow founders failed. Sooner or later they came back with new exciting projects or went back to work for someone else with a big vision. Do I look down on them? Do I even care enough to think about that, at all? Not really. I’m too busy with my own shit.
  • Step two is to always remember that it’s just a job. It might be hard to swallow but yeah, your little startup is just a job you’ve created for yourself. It’s important to you at the moment, but there are many things that are way more important in your life in general, like your friends, your family, your passions. Lying on your death bed, it’s those things you wish you were doing more, not work. (Unless your name is Steve Jobs, in which case you’d be creating Apple strategy for the 10 years to follow, but just how retarded is that?)

If you got to this point and still worry what others will think or say when you fail, let me emphasize that again. Nobody gives a fuck. Nobody is watching you. So please, just stop worrying now and focus on your job. Either the current one or the next one. Thanks.

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