What are the best Polish startups in 2019?

Borys Musielak
Sep 1 · 12 min read
The Witcher by CD Project RED
Cinkciarz sponsoring Chicago Bulls basketball team
Golem is building a worldwide supercomputer on blockchain
MySpiroo in action
Photon is a robot that evolves with your kid
Zortrax 3D printer
Estimote LTE beacons
Bivrost VR cameras
Brand24 Internet monitorsing panel
PackHelp packages
Customized furniture by tylko
Perovskite material by Saule Technologies
Dying Light 2 coming soon by Techland

Borys Musielak

Written by

Founded @filmaster, now part of @samba_tv, co-founded @ReaktorWarsaw startup mansion, ReaktorX and @StartupPoland lobby group. Doer. Geek. Film buff. NBA fan.

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