Illustration, a humanoid robot made test on a smartphone
Illustration, a humanoid robot made test on a smartphone

At Doctolib, we have more than 25,000 automated tests of which a large part are end-to-end ones. Our mobile applications are mainly a webview but they are developed with React Native. However, the patient application also has some native screens for the video consultation and some features that require native code.

Since the redesign of mobile applications with React Native in February 2018, we have added Jest unit tests for some utilities, but nothing to actually test native features without manually testing the applications. …

Images are a big part of what browsers need to download to display web pages.

Even though internet connections have become faster and faster, you do not always have a fast connection, especially when you are on a mobile device in a subway or in some other part of the globe.

And after all, even if your connection is fast, why download 2 MB for an image if you can have the same image by only downloading 100 KB? Be nice to polar bears, save bandwidth.

At Doctolib, we have static illustrations and a huge amount of photos uploaded by…

© Illustrations par Bailey McGinn

In the beginning

Doctolib is primarily a web-based company; it is important to us to be able to publish when we want, for our users to have the latest version of our application, and ideally to use one code across all platforms.

In the beginning Doctolib was far from a household name; our traffic was driven by natural SEO. Users were not yet searching directly for Doctolib in app stores to book their appointments, but rather would use a search engine to look for “dentiste Paris” or “Dr. Zoidberg”. This delivered them to Doctolib, a mobile web page giving them…

© Illustration by Bailey McGinn

The Build process at Doctolib is complex and uses several technologies during which more than 6,500 tests of different types and build durations are executed. Developers require direct feedback and a simple overview of what is or is not working. Here we discuss the main “build experience” issues and solutions encountered recently at Doctolib.

Doctolib is built on two main platforms: Rails and React. Some build tasks can be executed in parallel, while others respect a specific order. For example, before building JavaScript assets we need to grab packages from NPM. Until recently, classic Jenkins jobs were being used to…

Mickaël Morier

Full Stack Engineer @Doctolib

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