An open letter to my white, racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynistic, Redneck family.
 Writers, far better than I, have already done the thought pieces on why that, even though you claim you are None of these things, by voting for Trump you actually ARE THOSE THINGS. You came up with dozens of justifications- not Reasons- JUSTIFICATIONS, on why you thought you had to vote for Trump. I no longer wish to debate you on any of those, because, by voting for Trump, you have made yourself immune to reason, fact, and logic.
 I can already hear you, “But… but… but…”. NO! No more arguments. I’m done with all of it. 
 No more rehashing of the thousands of reasons of why you are wrong. And you ARE wrong. History will prove you wrong as it is always has proven people like you and Trump wrong.
 Instead, let me put it into a perspective that maybe you can understand. 
 You elected the old man.
 You voted for our father. I get bile in my throat calling him that, but it’s true.
 Trump is an abusive, racist, bully. Proven over and over and over again by his own words and actions, NOT by some “liberal elite” journalist. Our father was an abusive, racist, alcoholic bully. You gave the keys to our nuclear Arsenal to a person who hates everybody.
 I have never been to War, I have never been a soldier. But I went through years of therapy for PTSD because of the physical and emotional abuse our father landed on my face, head and back. And now I get to continue to live through that, the PTSD flashbacks and nightmares, all because you decided… Trump!

Does this seem cruel? Does any of this seem too harsh? How could I say such things to my family?
 I’ll tell you why. Because my family, my real family, are the people that I have chosen to stand by. My wife, who is helping Hispanic families stay together. Our roommate, an American Indian, a TRUE American, who did service for the country that slaughtered his ancestors. A friend, an American born Muslim, who will not have a country to go to if deported, as Aleppo has been destroyed. The single moms trying to raise their children. The beautiful creative people I have the honor of working with, who love people of their own gender or of different color. The sweet, confused and awkward young person I know, gaining confidence because she now realizes that the body she was born into is not HIS sexual identity.
 You have, at the very least, erased years of progress my friends have made. At the worst- and the jump in vile hate crimes is proving this- condemned them to living in the shadows again for fear of death. REAL death, not hypothetical.
 So, this will be my last word to you. Since I am an old white man I have little to worry about in the hell you have voted for. I could sit back and just ride it out. But I cannot rest while my friends suffer. So I no longer have any time for you and your kind… (Yeah, I went there.) I need to make plans on being a sanctuary for these friends, this family I’ve chosen.
 Mick LaFlamme Dec. 24, 2016