— An Overview

WebRTC is exciting technology. It’s lowering the cost of communications by equipping browsers with peer-to-peer technology that supports voice and video transmission without the overhead of VoIP hardware and its integration costs.

I wanted to get my feet wet with WebRTC; I learn by building so I decided to apply the technology to the home security domain. The result:

GuardMyPad is a web application that allows you to repurpose the devices you already own into a free home security solution.

My mission was to offer a beautiful, easy-to-use, free core product that offers the following:

  • Cross-platform support
  • A dead-simple user experience
  • Motion and audio detection
  • Video and image capture
  • Flexible media storage options

GuardMyPad now offers all of the above. You may use your Chromebook, laptop, tablet, spare phone, or even desktop computer to monitor your home with your web browser and any attached camera(s). GuardMyPad will use these cameras to detect motion and transmit live streams to any other device you’re using (among other things).

Some examples of how GuardMyPad may be used:

  • Connect a webcam to your computer and monitor your pets and kids while away from home.
  • Set up your desktop computer to be the “command center” for any number of motion-detecting, live-streaming webcams placed throughout your home or business as a cheap alternative to buying dedicated hardware.
  • Monitor your room with your laptop or spare phone and receive alerts when someone enters your space.
  • Use GuardMyPad to keep an eye on your belongings while staying in a hotel.
  • Leave a spare phone in your suitcase to see if a TSA agent opens up your checked bag.

It’s easy to do all of the above with GuardMyPad.

But I don’t want some company to see my media.

This is important — you control your media. You may configure GuardMyPad to store all captured media in your personal Google Drive account, on Dropbox, or even right on the device — with options for data caps and rolling storage so you don’t have to worry about managing available space.

Our biggest achievement here is cost reduction. You can now easily set up a “better than nothing” home security solution for free. Who wouldn’t want free peace of mind?

GuardMyPad was an exercise in WebRTC technology. In my opinion, home security solutions are quickly becoming more sophisticated and less expensive. Even if there’s a segment that would pay for this type of product, I believe that segment is shrinking as dedicated hardware solutions become more accessible.

It’s a cool demonstration of WebRTC capabilities but I have doubts that the overall “user experience” of repurposing your devices is one that people would pay for.

GuardMyPad is in private beta. To be notified when the product enters public beta, head over to and submit your email address. This link may also be used to gain early beta access if you’re cool with using something in development.

Thanks for reading!