300 UI in 300 Days, Day 4 — Facebook Moments Comments.

300 UI: #4- Facebook Moments Comments

What would have happened if you could comment on a specific second or time period in a video? I mean, Think about it… I’ve seen so many times that people were commenting “Jump to 0:38” Because the interesting part is there. To understand it deeper, I designed a new player that I think could be used on FB, and added the profile pictures of my friends to the video time-line, isn’t it easier and more interesting?

Of course it will be much harder to understand the timeline if there was dozens of pictures (This what currently happens on Soundcloud) but if you could read the comments on exact moments of your friends, it would have make the experience of watching videos — much more social. What do you think?

The new player + Momment Coment
An illustration screenshot.

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