Habitica and Apple watch designed to work together.

300 UI — #5: Habitica Apple Watch design concept

Many of my friends are using Habitica to build habits and to track their daily tasks. But I had a thought about the way people use it… People still has to enter the website or to use their iPhone or Android to check every task and habit that has been done. In the world where people use smart watches and any other technology wearable and people can use it to expand and to track their habits it could be much easier to use it, than use the smartphone.

Another idea I came up with is the product IFTT mixed with Habitica, think about it = If [Location] is reached, then habit has done. This method could help you force yourself go to place you don’t want to go to… And then, using location, your apple watch could understand that have reached the destination.

The apple watch mockup has been taken from here

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