Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

Why is it that pornography is always the “subversion of male/female” relationships? That’s like believing that your life has to fit what you see on TV, or having stupid crushes on celebrity or anime characters.

If a person is that weak minded that they can’t get their own self-worth and value from uncovering meaningful and lasting relationships it’s becasue it stems from how they were raised and who they were raised around. We act out on relationship failures most times because that’s all we know. So now we have the other sex with all these rules and standards that make you wonder if you’re dating this person or applying for a job?

Sex is a driving force in nature and it’s no different when you put a sapien brain behind the wheel. Women AND men make major mistakes in the bedroom and in relationships in general. Why? Because our upbringing, society, religion, and culture gives mixed messages and has this fictitious construct that we have to find fault in the old and move on with the new. That there is always something better on the horizon. A new and improved version. Or it’s that atypical “gaming attitude” that you have to score as many points with as many experiences as possible. That relationships are a numbers game and that you have to try “all the flavours”. It’s no wonder why people in general can’t always meet their destined “soulmate”. Most often becasue that would mean giving up the bS and the drama that comes with it. Some people just have too much time and are too self-absorbed to see the person they are with as they are, but always as something they want them to be. So when that doesn’t work, instead of redefining and working out the relationship they work towards sabotaging it.

We play by example, and learn by making mistakes. Most people don’t even know what they want let alone who they really are until they get much older. Even then, I meet people that are so exhausted by overwork that hey don’t even have time to work on an intimate relationship becasue now of socio economics. You’re depicted by factors you can’t even control.

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