Sounds like you didn’t bother reading the article.
William Kenan Rand

$18,000 is crushing. Those of us who worked for the Federal government or a good State government pay much less than half that. Meantime, many private sector employer plans have raised premiums through the roof and/or gone high deductible. I am fortunate enough to pay nowhere 10% for family coverage and I wonder why the entire middle class doesn’t enjoy the same benefits.

You are categorically incorrect about free community college. I have a son attending one (yes, part of a State University system) and I sure as hell should know, since I’m paying the bills for tuition, books, etc.

Here’s an example of a country with a major, expensive national security headache which still considers health care to be a basic right, provides universal coverage, and isn’t afraid of involving the big, bad “gummint”. I’ve been there. I know people there. Those who moved from the USA consider it superior to our system. And by the way, the quality of life and care is outstanding.

I read the article. It’s not all bad, but in my opinion, unworkable. I missed the part where “every single American is guaranteed all the health care they need”. Cancer treatments? Dialysis? Diabetes care? Overpriced prescription drugs? Alternative therapies? Physical therapy? Mental health care? Prostheses and other medical equipment and devices? Or is that part of the loan from the Feds at 8% interest which they’ll never be able to pay back?

Excuse the hell out of me for disagreeing.

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