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Yankee fan since 7 through the good and bad times here. I clicked on your article because I really like Starlin Castro and was interested in learning more about his pre-pinstripe days, but really:

“archaic and pompous bullshit”??? This from the fan of the very last team to install lights in their stadium so they could play night games? I like the clean cut look. It preserves uniqueness and tradition. Every other team is full of guys with dreadlocks, shoulder length hippie be-in hair or ZZ Top beards so a team photo looks like a cross between an Orthodox synagogue and a lumberjack’s convention. Yeah, we’re different from the rest of you and we’re the most successful franchise in sports. Hate away.

In an earlier article about the new kids and how they have fueled the Yankees’ surprising start, you found it necessary to throw red meat at your Cubbies tribe by talking about how much you hate their logo. Well, here’s the story behind it

>The “cap” logo, with the white interlocking “NY” on a navy blue background, was originally designed by Louis B. Tiffany in 1877. He was hired by the New York City Police Department to design a medal for John McDowell, the first ever New York City police officer who was assassinated while on duty. Tiffany’s design appeared on the uniforms of the New York Yankees team in 1909.>

Look, I know you guys have been lovable losers for a century and I was actually happy you finally won a World Series last year. I was even rooting for y’all to beat the Cleveland Indians. But now don’t get all arrogant, high and mighty just because you got one. We swept you in your house this year. If you really want someone to hate, go for the Dodgers. They currently own the highest payroll in MLB and you’ll definitely have to go through them if you want to get to the Big Dance again.

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