A History and Future of the Rise of the Robots
R. David Dixon Jr.

Your article is probably spot on…but, but, but: I am most frightened about the survival of the species after the logical consequences of the tech explosion and the complete mechanization of the world as we know it. Why do the apostles of more and more high tech and AI think everything will run smoothly on the roads with autonomous vehicles zipping around with zero human agency? Will these machines actually self-adjust to an infinite variety of ever-changing weather conditions, for example? Who programs them? What safety mechanisms will be in place? They will be hacked eventually. Hacking can weaponize anything to cause extreme destruction. Who is in charge and what exactly will prevent them from deciding — or the highly evolved machines themselves deciding — that the billions of useless humans who bleed resources and sit around all day doing nothing are unnecessary and should be eliminated? Watch the series “Person of Interest” and ponder whether all these touted advances are actually good for society or signal the end of the line. Not to mention my pet peeve with autonomous vehicles: taking a large part of the joy and fun out of life by denying those of us who cling to the old days the opportunity to run a sports car on our own through the winding roads with the top down on a gorgeous sunny day. I see nothing good in a world without that.

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