ME: Youth Art Exhibition on Apr 11th

Wonderful Experience, BUT……

It was such an experience! Just like all the other Saturdays this semester, I hanged out with my best friend earlier in the morning and take her to visit Intermedia Arts, where presented exhibition on Youth Art that day. When we arrived at the place, we were attracted by the colorful and exciting Graffitis outside the building. Holding along my excitement, we walked into the building and prepared my camera for recording this awesome place and works. BUT! When I’m just about to click my first picture of that day, which is the appealing title of ME at the entrance, I found out that I don’t have a memory card in the camera. So…. The pictures will need more post-productions since they are taken by my phone. Done with my sad start, I really enjoyed the exhibition. Before I start to talk to about the exhibition, my favorite work and a short conversation I made with Aniya from the Youth Leadership Council, I would like talk about what Youth Art is.

So….. What is Youth Art?

I couldn’t find a definition specific for Youth Art, so I’ll give the definition of Art first. According to Oxford Dictionaries, Art is defined as The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. So art is not just ideas, it’s ideas that expressed in visual forms. Then here comes the question, what is Youth Art? Are you referring to art made by Youth or art about youth? Similar discussion appears in my film class few weeks before when we talk about youth film. No one would doubt that movies like High School Musical or Hannah Montana are youth films. However, they are made by adult directors. There is no wide distributed film in the market that’s made by youth, so how could you say those disney films are youth film? This Youth Art exhibition really gives youth the opportunities to youth, to give them a place to show their works and to express their ideas.

Like Aniya said:” The ME in the title is what we share with the world, but we all have concealed feelings, thoughts, and dreams that we sometimes feel we can’t share for fear of ridicule or rejection. That’s the ‘(me)’ part. We hope this exhibition provides space for teens to share those things they might not share in other situations. To find a safe outlet in art.”

Then….. My favorite was….

There are so many outstanding works in this exhibition, things I couldn’t imagine it’s made out of the hand of a high school teenager. But this one is my favorite, a piece of painted work by Edoardo ortegon, called “One Family.” I have to admit that one of the reason I love about this work is that I’m a huge fan of colorful things. But this works is much more than that. you could see people’s faces, at least three for me, in this work. They don’t have face expression, but they blend harmoniously with each other. They are reaching this eternal balance in the frame, and still active inside. The creator of this work introduced himself as following:

My name is Edoardo Ortegon, but my friends call me Edde. I am a brother, a son, a lover, a friend and an artist. Art is who I am. I am a unique and one of a kind creation who also creates because I believe in the creator who made me in his image. I am but one from a plethora of portraits. I am an original from an endless artist portfolio. I am a reflection of the artist spirits who created me and so I am an artist as well. Art is who I am. I am art, and it’s been a pleasure to meet you.”

What a confident artist!

Talk with Aniya

Aniya is currently a member of Intermedia Arts Youth Leadership Council, as well a a poet who goes to school of Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists.

M- Mickey A- Aniya

M: What’s your motivations of doing such exhibition?

A: Every year, we have youth art exhibit. Before, there was this theme of “Very Modern at that time.” So we make modern versions of old stuff and gathering ideas of how youth feel about them, how people say who youth really are. What you wanna say versus what you want but can not say.

M: What do you, being a youth yourself, think of your generation and your artwork, comparing to what the others perceiving you?

A: Me, being a youth, feel like others think us as conceded and greedy generation. (Laughing) It’s true, we are. Cause if we’re not, who else will be! We have a lot of problems. We gone through a lot. And I feel like everyone was a teenager at one point. So they know how we are. It’s not ok, just because they are growing older so they could talk down to us. You guys were here at one point too.

M: How do you feel about this exhibition?

A: Well, I think it’s really awesome that we actually have this events. Thins like this happens here in the twin cities. It’s always good to have a space for diverse group of people, youth, in this circumstance, to express their ideas and show their works to the public. To have the others know more about us, as well as us exploring more about the world.

About The Youth Leadership Council

Intermedia Arts’ Youth Leadership Council consists of six socially-conscious, active, and innovative young people between the ages of 12 and 20. The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) work together to build an interdisciplinary youth community that fosters relationships and deepens interactions among teen. Members of the YLC work to plan special events and arts experience that enable youth will get to know Intermedia Arts as a place where they are respected, have access to art, and can develop their skills as artists and leaders.

How Do Others See you? & How Do You See Yourself?

These are two questions that’s been posted on a huge blackboard in the exhibition. People could take chalk and write down their own answers to both questions. I, personally, couldn’t answer the first one, but I wrote down UNIQUE under “How do you see yourself.” On the one hand, it’s not important of what the other’s actually see you, but it’s important that you think about yourself from the other’s perspective. You don’t have to live under other’s expectations, but you do have to care about the feeling of people you love and care. On the other hand, it’s important to think about how do you see yourself, because you do have to know who you really are and what you really want. However, you don’t need to overthink about yourself. Because, who knows how your future will look like? Just live right now!

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