Calling design teams and their leaders to remember… it’s OK to make decisions.

Hopefully this article won’t sound like an old fart ranting, and instead remind us to stand tall as designers, and use that good ‘ol design tool that we have tucked away in our back pocket — design instinct.

Before I get to the meat and potatoes, let’s look back at the past 15+ years of product design (deep sigh of realization that I’ve been pushing pixels for over 15 years now).


The perfect place to start. What a wonderful time for designers.

We were in many ways living in the wild west. Print design was starting its decline with the realization that the “world wide web” was the next big thing. Every company out there was throwing money at designers to move all their content onto the web. Search engines we’re at the center of it all. eBooks and eCommerce was ooooobviously going to solve all our information and shopping needs. …

How to thrive in a world of imperfect UX Design

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Preface: This article was written for UX and Product Designers, but the core message can be applied to anyone in a job struggling with attaining perfection

It’s time we talked about a fragile topic: Managing UX Designer’s perceptions of what being a designer is really like. The dream Vs. the reality.

Let’s start with these two Questions:

  • How satisfied are you with how you execute your job as a Designer?
  • How different is the design process you’re doing from the one you were taught is right?

What I’m trying to get at with these questions is your vision of UX Design— and how much that differs from reality. …

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As a designer, your toolbox empowers you to do research, define personas, explore UX patterns, lo-fi sketch, and even refine what agile design means. It’s time to apply these skills to the one product that needs it most – yourself.

Before you embrace this concept, let’s paint a picture. You’re a design consultant and you’ve been hired to lead the user experience for an amazing new product. You walk into a room and are introduced to this fancy product… it’s you.

Don’t worry, the best part is, you already started designing this product long ago, so you know the concept is pretty good to begin with. Only now, with a fresh mindset of being on the outside looking in, it’s time to start using your design skills to redesign yourself.

The Product

For the rest of this article “The Product” will refer to the thing we’re designing here – you. …


Mick Gow

Product Design at Arcules - I'm a designer, a do-er, a thinker, a story-teller, and a leader. Never been a fan of hats, but I sure seem to wear many.

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