Automated Communication Sucks. When done for the wrong reasons.

So I was sitting in the Keynote speech, listening to Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee).

Now, i’m a big fan of Gary and his vision of how people want to be communicated too. He just seems to get this right every time. Then he says something that just didn’t make sense.

‘’Automated communication sucks’’

Now, as a fan of Gary’s work I knew that I was receiving his newsletters from Wine Library and about his book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. He certainly wasn’t sitting at his desk sending each email individually. So he was using Automation. Why so if he thought it sucked? Plus I have spent 6 years working in Email Marketing, which is one of the most popular and dynamic marketing communication methods on the market. I knew that not only did automation not suck, but actually it was vital.

So his thoughts on automation were,

‘Automation should always lead back to a Human. The single reason for using automation should be that you don’t have enough man hours in your team to do it manually.’

More and more consumers are taking their voices to Social Media to connect with brands because they see this as a two way communication method. They receive emails from ‘’ or they get to fill our contact forms on websites. Brands cannot afford to have just one way communication any more.

Now, this doesn't only apply to Email Marketing, automation is becoming more and more frequent in Social Media. Scheduled tweets, auto follows and now even automatic favouring of tweets, to name a few.

If your doing this because you simply get so many tweets that you like and can’t click ‘star’ then cool.

If your doing this because you read online that you will get more followers this is a short term win. People will follow you if you favourite content on twitter, as it plays to their weakness for gratitude. But you have to ask yourself of what is next? Will that person then invest time into your account and become an avid follower, or are they simply clicking follow because they felt a social ‘thank you’ was in order?

In the age old lesson of quality over quantity, better is to provide people with quality, consistent and now human content.

Ensure you back up any social media automation with actual human analysis as much as possible. Use tools like Brand24 (who I represent) or similar to ensure that anyone that has given the effort to direct a message or mention towards you socially, gets the equal amount of effort from you and your brand in a response.

There is no fast track to social interaction. There are just tools you can use to ensure you optimise the process.

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