I Was 65 When the Miracle Occurred

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Interwoven Time and Space

I was 65 when the miracle occurred. It was the day before my official two-week vacation. My flight was scheduled to depart early the next morning, whisking me from the west coast of Florida to my sister’s home in Phoenix. We planned to traverse the coastal highway in California, Los Angeles to Eureka and back. It was a pilgrimage of former domiciles, places we used to hang out, and a fun couple of weeks together, just the two of us.

I had taken an extra day off to relax and unwind before my vacation officially began. I was sitting on my favorite, comfy, red leather chair looking out at my dock every now and then in search of the manatees that frequented the little cove in my backyard. I think I was reading a book. Suddenly I heard, “Go on Classmates.com.”

The nudge was strong, but I resisted. I attended three different high schools and had no strong ties to any of them, certainly no connection to anyone from high school days 50 years ago. I continued to read, relax, and watch for manatees. I was excited about seeing my sister, looking forward to our vacation and calculating how early I would need to leave home to catch my very early flight the next morning.

Then I heard it again…” Go on Classmates.com.”

Seriously??!! “I already told you,” I thought, “I have no connections to former high school classmates. That was 50 years ago and I was barely at each school a full year.”

I grabbed a snack and a glass of wine and walked out onto the dock. It was a lovely mid-May late afternoon. A refreshing breeze wafted off the water as I settled onto the dock bench. Soon, a few manatees swam up to munch on mangrove leaves. Wow!! Just as I was thinking what a blessed and uncomplicated life I had created, I heard it again: “Go on Classmates.com!”

A couple hours had passed since the first nudge and I was losing patience. Actually, I was annoyed.

As you may have guessed, I am one to argue with God. “What do you mean you want me to_____?! I think you’ve got the wrong girl!” Have you ever done that?

Nudges are often pushing us toward a Miracle. This turned out to be one of those times. But, to this point I was being stubborn and not listening. When I heard the nudge One. More. Time., I decided to give in and see what was going on.

I walked into the house from the dock, opened my computer, and pulled up ClassMates.com.

Hmmmmm…it said I had a message!

“OK,” I said aloud, “I have never paid for ClassMates…I haven’t been on this site in many years. I can’t get a message!”

But I clicked the link.

“The person who sent you this message paid so you can see it.” That’s what the pop-up said.

Now I’m intrigued! So, I clicked on the message.

Another pop-up. It read, “You have received a message from Alan Horey.”

Alan Horey?!?!?! Here’s a little background:

When I was 15 and Alan was 16, we were dancers in the play “Oklahoma!” at Kenmore West High School in Kenmore, New York. We dated briefly, then he dumped me for some other cute little dancer. My heart was broken. He was my first true love. Within a few months of our breakup, my Dad was transferred from New York to Chicago, Illinois. Off we went. I had not communicated with Alan since 1965.

Decades ago, I heard through the grapevine that after a stint in the Army and graduating college, he married a girl from high school. I was married at the ripe old age of 18, experiencing my life’s journey through a 34-year abusive marriage, choosing to go to college in my early 20s, learning to be a supportive Mom to our son through the abusive years, doing my best to keep my head above water, filing for divorce at the age of 53… and then discovering Me, creating My Authentic Life.

Remember, when the Miracle happened, I was 65. That’s when the Universe nudged me to “Go on Classmates.com.”

As I read the message from Alan, my excitement grew. He was my first love: the one who never left my heart. His message asked if I was interested in talking, just to catch up…it had been 50 years since we last talked. I assumed he was still married, but hoped he was not. I wanted to talk, and flirt, and see why the Universe was bringing us into communication again. I was beginning to be pleased I finally listened to the nudges that day.

Alan’s message included his email address. I wrote a short response, ending with “if this is really you…here’s my phone number!!!”

Five minutes later my phone rang. It was a number from a state where I knew no one; I almost didn’t answer. I did. At the other end of the line was…Alan Horey. Thank you, God; Thank you, Universe!

Alan and I talked for about an hour. I discovered he was divorced. He learned I’d been single for many years. We both play golf, live on water, enjoy cruises, and like to laugh. He lived in New England; I lived in southwest Florida. I was still working and he owned a business. We had a fun conversation and connected well.

The next day I flew to Phoenix. My sister and I embarked on our vacation. I talked with Alan several times in the next two weeks. Once I was home, we talked every evening for an hour or two. The conversations never lagged, and continued for a little more than three months.

We talked about everything. There were disagreements, and clarifications were sometimes required. We shared intimate life experience details, stories about our kids, my grandkids and families: all the things that are learned in a dating experience. We fell in love talking on the phone…before our now senior citizen faces saw one another.

In the fourth month of our re-connection, Alan came to Florida to meet with some clients. I agreed to meet him at the airport; we’d see if our attraction was as strong in person.

This connection was part of The Miracle…of course our attraction was as strong in person!

My niece was getting married out West two months later. Alan asked if I wanted a date for the wedding. Of course, I said yes. Here was an ideal opportunity for my family to meet him and for my outspoken sisters to give their opinions of this guy from high school. Everyone liked each other.

Remaining tight-lipped at the wedding, Alan and I became engaged the evening of my niece’s rehearsal dinner.

I had scheduled a week in New England to visit him the next week. I was still working full time in Florida, his business was in New England, so visits were sparse. I was 65; he was 66. Certainly, we had significantly fewer years ahead of us than behind us. We decided to get married that week. We were married on a Saturday; I returned to Florida on Sunday to be back at work on Monday.

Within a year I retired from my job. Alan cut back involvement in his business. We decided to become snowbirds, spending winters in Florida. My house in Florida is five minutes from the beach. Alan’s home in New England is on Long Island Sound.

Talk about the best of both worlds!

But that is not the Miracle.

The Miracle is that our relationship was orchestrated by God. The process had begun many years previous…long before we knew anything about it. It manifested when I heard “Go on Classmates.com.”

When I was 53, I divorced my abusive husband and embarked on a personal growth journey. I knew there was something in my brain telling me abusive behavior toward me was OK. If I didn’t excavate and resolve that life pattern, I would end up in another unhealthy relationship. I was determined that would not happen.

The first five years after my divorce I identified myself as being immersed in a self-imposed Repair Shop. I attended seminars, read books, hired coaches and counselors, attended seminars and webinars. It was my Mission to discover Me and to create my authentic life. In the process of evolving into my authentic self, I even changed my name. I worked hard to become Mickie Zada.

Mickie Zada was the person who attracted Alan Horey. Mickie Zada is the inspiration and creation of The Universe, of God. The life I have created, including marriage to Alan, has evolved over many years.

My personal Mission is, in faith and in confidence, to align with Divine Intent and serve as a beacon to others.

This article is in alignment with my Mission. Serving as a beacon requires sharing my story and encouraging everyone to continue to grow; to embrace personal growth, spiritual experiences, and forward motion in living the Life you were meant to live. And to be open to amazing experiences, no matter our age!

When I pray, I always add “this or something better.” I had no idea the amazing husband and life waiting for me, just around the unseen corner. Often God, The Universe, has much better plans for me than I can imagine.

I was 65 when the Miracle occurred. Looking back on our lives, Alan and I agree if anything in our stories had been different, we would not be a couple today. Staying open, living in faith and our truth, and following Universal nudges manifested Our Miracle.

Thank you, Universe! Thank you, God!

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Hi! I am an enthusiastic participant in life and I believe we create our Reality. My personal Mission is to align with Divine Intent and serve as a beacon.

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