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Originally this post included a photo that many folks found offensive so I’ve removed it. Thanks for your honest feedback. The last thing I want to do is make our community feel uncomfortable. I will say that it’s important that we address fatphobia in our industry head on when we see it. But I don’t want to perpetuate it — so I’ve updated the post. — Micki Krimmel

Hey everyone, Micki Krimmel here, founder of Superfit Hero. When I’m not developing new products or chatting with our community in our private Body Positive Facebook group, I’m keeping an eye on fashion industry trends with respect to inclusivity. And boy has there been a lot of excitement lately! Some good (Hooray, Universal Standard!) and some bad (Screw you, Tanya Gold!).

So I couldn’t help but notice the NY Times fawning all over Ty Haney in their Like a Boss column last week. …

Micki Krimmel

Entrepreneur & athlete with a feminist agenda.

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