Seeking the Future


My name is Michael. I’m based out of Mission Viejo, California - and I’m looking for opportunities outside of my “day job” to be creative, adventurous, and dive into more entrepreneurial exploits. Some examples of things I’d be interested in; being the vocalist in a band, shooting and editing your photos, impressing you with my celebrity impressions, traveling, joining a team of paranormal investigators, going UFO hunting, listening to your problems, giving you advice, sharing all that I know about life, work and family so far, helping you write/edit/direct/produce a film, maybe making some extra fun money here and there… etc. You get the idea.

This post is not about me looking for a “job.” I already currently have an awesome day job, that I’m not really looking to leave — unless a totally bangarang opportunity came a long that I had to jump at.

This post is just about looking to be a part of something bigger.

Some skills I have that may or may not come in handy to you…

+ AutoCAD — This is what I work with on a daily basis currently.
+ Photoshop
+ Lightroom
+ Propellerhead Reason
+ Sound engineering & design
+ I speak fluent Portuguese.
+ I speak “meh” Spanish.
+ I shoot photo & video from time to time …
+ I’m a pretty nice person if I do say so myself… and humble obviously.
+ I love making people laugh and feel good about themselves.
+ I have helped a prominent medical device company sell over $500 million dollars in product.
+ I once ran a social media promotion for an online children’s game that saw a 900% increase in customer “likes” and social interactions.
+ I wrote a screenplay for a television show that I was able to get in front of AMC and Lionsgate. 
(Full Disclosure — we had numerous discussions with them about optioning the script — but ultimately they wanted us to use our own money to produce a pilot and return to them. We turned them down and put the project on indefinite hold.)

There are a lot of other things I’m good at, more than capable of doing and that I’m willing to teach and share with others. My interests are broad and my skillset is even broader still.

Public speaking doesn’t intimidate me. I would rather be the one giving the eulogy than the one in the coffin.

I just taught myself to repair iPhone 6 screens and repaired a number of neighbor’s screens for free that I found through the nextdoor app… simply because I didn’t want them to have to pay to get it done when it was an easy thing to fix.

— —

I hope that this post has given you some insight into who I am as an individual and how it might be advantageous for you and I to get to know one another. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to talk.

Best to you and yours —