Keep your old content forever

As time goes on, you’ll tend to accumulate quite a bit of old content on your site. People say that “Google likes fresh content”, which is true, but Google tends to like all of that old content too!

David Meerman Scott recently wrote a great post that dug into this idea, and lead off with the following:

Want to know an SEO secret that almost nobody will tell you? Do not delete old content! Nearly all of your web content should live forever. It’s free to save pages on your site, so why delete them? Yet so many people do.

Get lots of pages indexed

There are many facets to helping a site rank well in Google, but a big one is to simply get as many pages as you can into Google’s index. I’ve shared before why indexing is important, but it comes down to this:

  1. Any given page can really only rank well for one keyphrase.
  2. Google will only show results from pages in their index.
  3. Therefore, the more pages you have in their index, the better the odds you’ll show up for a given query.


That said, quality certainly counts — a lot. That’s a topic for a different day. However, along with quality and external factors, simply getting more pages in Google’s index will almost always be a good thing.

Check out David’s post for more.

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