Art Fair Philippines 2016

To be honest I’m not artistically inclined so I’m not good in art also I’m not very fond of going to art fairs even museums. But for this occasion I must go because it’s for my midterm. My first experience was totally different because when I think of an art fair all I can think of is its going to be boring, quite etc etc., but during the art fair I was shocked because of the long line. I didn’t expect that people would go to the art fair, I was excited because its my first time ever going to an art fair plus all the people waiting outside it hypes me up to see what’s an art fair going to be like. Then there it was countless and countless of beautiful paintings, sculptures, artifacts figurines I was in awe plus the atmosphere inside was intense. I got to see paintings that are so beautiful that is hard for me to explain, sculptures that are carved perfectly that its almost impossible that it was made by a person. I also got to see celebrities during the event. I also got to witness a transaction going that time, this man was about to buy a painting done by Ronald Ventura the buyer asked “how much was it”, the seller said “pre 1.2 lang” and i was like “LANG” God you could buy a house with that kind of money. I thought of it really hard and I was amazed by how much a piece of painting is worth. If you’re an ordinary person you would say that its simple what a painting could be but if you’re an enthusiast of art you could probably say a painting worth so much more that just money. The audience i can’t depict because some are really into art while some are just there for the sake of being there. But the audience in national museum and the audience in the art fair are very different.

All in all I can say that going to an art fair/art museum isn’t that bad after all. At least I’ve learned a thing or two about art although it was tiring and exhausting it was one hell of an experience.

The Crucible Gallery for me struck me the most because of at first glance of the work arts in the gallery i felt the vibe of Filipino culture being conveyed by the artists.


Luis E. Yee, Jr. (Junyee)

Augusto “Gus” Besido Albor

Virgillio “Pandy” Aviado

Agnes Arellano

These sculptures are done by Agnes Arellano, i think that this artwork conveys a strong message of women bearing a child. i think this artwork shows how women are, women can be strong and independent.

This artwork is done by Augustos Albor, for me it shows how simple things are from the beginning. You can make simple and ordinary things into something much more beautiful if you put love and effort unto it.

This artwork is done Pandy Aviado, it shows forms of shapes. for me i think this artwork conveys a message about why do we repeat patterns in our lives, doing the same mistake, facing the same problems and how do we get to change them.

Filipino Artist


Ronald Ventura

this here shows the distinction between humans and animals, saying that us humans are also animals that are evolved making us more superior than them. however there are times that people also behave like animals that’s why there is such distinction between the two


This artwork is also done by Ronald Ventura, for me this artwork portrays how hunting affects wild animals, driving animals to extinction. that’s why this painting is titled GUARDIANS guarding wildlife animals.


is a group of artist which makes sound art. They use sound as a medium, is very much apart of contemporary art. often used in conjunction with video, sculpture, electronics, and other modern traditional media, sound art demands direct engagement with viewer or listener. During the art fair while I was walking there was this sound a loud sound of banging a drum, so I was curious to what is that and to know what is it about. So when I went into the room many people were gathered around them WSK they were beating their drums making sound which will make you move, to me it brings you back what it was like during our ancestors time. there was moment that a foreigner danced to their beat.

This art work also struck me because of how you would look at it its a matter of perspective. it’s mind boggling