“Do some research!
Jessicah Blanchard

“- Actually, it hasn’t been. I know what “research” you’re looking at and it is very, very, very biased.”
Actually it has, and as for bias when the American Association of University Women do a study that shows it’s bunk and it’s referenced in Huffpost, you can dismiss the idea of bias (at least pro-male bias).

“ Maybe you are the one who should do the research? I suppose all these female doctor friends of mine who make SIGNIFICANTLY less money than their male counterparts deserve that?”
<whistle blows> 
Using personal anecdotes without the ability to reference actual underlying facts, 20 yard penalty.

“Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to start believing women. “
Or maybe it’s time to believe actual scientists who did actual studies.

“I myself have experienced the wage-gap, even though I was more qualified and worked more hours than my male-counterpart.”
<whistle blows> 
Using personal anecdotes without the ability to reference actual underlying facts, aanother 20 yard penalty.

“Yes they do! Besides, there are also plenty of laws that also limit what men can and can’t do with their bodies.”
- This is also untrue. “
Umm all laws limit what men can and can’t do with their bodies.

“You should realize you’re newly elected president just signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER against abortion. “
No he signed an order against funding it. If funding it is so important why don’t you just do that? Hell I’ll even contribute if the groups aren’t taking government cash.

“Your Republican members of congress are also working on a bill that legally declares that life begins at conception (which is untrue). This means, and yes this is true (read), that women will be tried for MISCARRIAGES. Not sure if you’re aware of this, but women have no control over whether or not they miscarry. “
Learn what “mens rea” is and no it’s not something that men have and women don’t, present company excepted.

“ — But I’m sorry, what law is there doing anything of the sort to men????”
Child support for the children born when a woman rapes a man.

“So do many men. Yes, men are also victims of violent crime!”
“- No one ever said men were not [also victims of violent crime].” 
So then what does violent crime have to do with a woman’s march?

“But the numbers of male to female victims are drastically different.”
<stunned look> Yes, yes they are. <shakes head sadly>

“ Also, who do you think the abusers 99% of the time are? MEN. “
Firstly there isn’t a single violent crime that men commit 99% of. Not even rape. You’re just lying now.
“Men are everyone’s worst enemies. “
Note how you switch from justification by victimhood to justification by another group perpetrating the crime. This was not (supposedly) a march against men but for women. If you’re arguing for victims why bring up who does the crimes? Because you know that violent crime isn’t just a problem for women, so to justify using it to justify the women’s march, you have to go to pure misandry.
“Also, look into crime rates here. When men are victims of violent crimes it is typically through a mugging.”
Citation needed.

“ When it is women, it is typically rape which leads to attempted murder.”
Really? Rape TYPICALLY leads to attempted murder? Then men aren’t very good at murdering women are they? Because assuming that “typically” means at least 50% of the time and assuming that feminists have only exaggerated the number of rapes by 100% that would mean 1 in 20 women on campus will suffer an attempted murder. Much less than 1% of women are murdered in college, so clearly you college girls are a bitch to strangle.
“ I have dozens of stories of getting harassed because of walking by myself. My husband, he has ONE story of that nature.”
<whistle blows> 
Using personal anecdotes without the ability to reference actual underlying facts, it’s a 30 yard penalty this time.
“>“And men often have to prove that they didn’t commit rape when falsely accused of it by a woman who decided to “withdraw” her consent hours after the sex act was completed.”
- Do you realize how often men are falsely accused of rape? It is a number so low that it barely even exists.”
According to the most blatantly feminist statistics it’s 2% of the rape accusations to the police. Note that’s what FEMINISTS say it is, and the lowest statistic they say it is. So that’s hardly “a number so low it barely even exists”. Note that this number assumes that none of the men convicted and serving multiple year sentences are actually innocent, an assumption we know is false.

“Plus, by your comment I don’t think you understand the concept of consent, so I deeply suggest you read into that subject.”
No she understands it, that’s why she used the inverted commas.

“>And men have to justify theirs when a woman he doesn’t desire forces herself on him. (Yes, that does happen!)”
- Does he get slut shamed? Does he get told he deserves it? Does he get asked what he was wearing when it happened?”
Yes, yes and yes. 
“ “That’s kind of a degrading thing to say. Furthermore, most women manage just fine. Is that not a sign of her strength?”
- Uhm, no it isn’t. Or do you not realize what a woman’s body goes through after giving birth? On the rare occasion, a woman heals quickly (maybe she was blessed with very wide hips), but many women need anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks recovery just from giving birth.”
What they need that long to be able to file paperwork? Because office jobs don’t generally require much physical effort.

“It is unfair to force women to work when they can barely walk, pee, or shit. “
And yet as pointed out women are quite able to do their jobs shortly after birth.

“It is unfair to force women to work when their body has gone through that kind of trauma.”
Then it’s unfair to force employers to hire women when the women know they might have to take a lot of time off. How is it fair that this supposed cost that the employer did nothing to create is foisted on them?

“ Women’s bodies are literally torn apart, and then the next day they are expected to be back in the office.”
You gave birth, you didn’t have a chestburster emerge from your body like in Aliens.
“Even though a doctor would suggest she be in bed resting.”
And yet again, women seem to do fine going back to work shortly after birth.

“And yet, she fights through it. Again, a sign of her strength. Would you prefer that she cower to a hole somewhere and suck her thumb?”
“- No, we’d prefer her to be able to get the treatment she needs so she can properly take care of herself and her child.”
Who says she doesn’t?

“ Postpartum is nothing to be joked about, it is a very serious and terrifying experience.”
And it should be treated by making her lie in bed for days, because (I can testify) that’s great for depression.

“- Soooo because you have no problem with [breastfeeding], that means that many women who have encountered criticisms for it are lying? “
Nobody said that.
“Also, the very fact you said “it should be done discreetly” says everything.”
Yeah specifically that people are uncomfortable with naked breasts in public.

“So a woman should feed her child discreetly, but we can use breasts to sell hamburgers on billboards?”
How fucking redneck is your town?
“ “You can thank women like Madonna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Rhianna, Nikki Minaj, etc for all of that. Besides, are you saying that men don’t get all of that?”
- So a woman deserves less respect because she is wearing tight clothing?”
No but she deserves to be objectified if she’s wearing clothing specifically design to objectify her. Assuming nobody held a gun to her head while she put it on.

“ Men get called handsome… women get fucking STALKED.”
Half time, switch subjects. Men don’t just “get called handsome” they get “objectified” so objectification is not the gendered issue you made it out 
“The first time I was cat-called I was 13 years old — the men cat-calling me were grown men working for the city. Did I deserve that?”
Depends, were you dressed like a whore?

“ “You can thank the fashion industry (which is primarily run by women and gay men) for that.”
- ACTUALLY, your assumption here is wrong. The fashion industry is majorly controlled by straight men.”
Actually you’re both wrong, like all industries it’s controlled by CUSTOMERS.

“Plus it isn’t necessarily the fashion industry, as it is advertising that we have to blame for this. Guess what group of people run the advertising industry….”
Again CUSTOMERS run that industry. If it didn’t work (and mostly it works on women) it wouldn’t happen would it?

“- Yeah, your points here are very specific. Why is it that in many movies a man in his fifties is paired up romantically with a woman in her twenties?”
That’s pretty specific.

“Men are never told they’re too old…”
Really? And how would you know?

“ they are told they are like “fine wine”.”
Yeah I’ve never been told that. I don’t know anyone who’s ever told a man that.

“Women? Women are unappealing as soon as they show signs of wrinkles.”
Yeah maybe you should cultivate some non-physical attractive qualities.
“How many grown men, middle-aged men, do you know that would prefer to look at a twenty year old than a fifty year old? The same shit does not go the other way. “
The fuck it does not. Seriously would you rather look at Chris Hemsworth or Paul Newman?

“I can argue this all day long.”
Yeah and you’ll average about a valid point per hour.
>“You’re still told men age “better.”” “By whom?”
- LOL literally everyone.”
<whistle blows> Illegal non-literal use of the word “literally”.
> “And men are told to dress like gentlemen. Your point?”
- No they are not. I have never heard anyone complain about a man wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.”
Again how redneck is your town?

“ However, women hear complaints about wearing easy outfits like that ALL THE TIME.”
“ “Maybe because the outfit is the first thing people see. Kind of hard to see what’s in the person’s head without communicating with them.”
- Think of how people compliment men. “He’s so funny”, “He’s so smart”, “He is so brave”. Women? “She’s so pretty”, “She dresses so well”. Character should ALWAYS come before looks. But with the way we address women, it doesn’t.”
Actually women get called all sorts of nice things, even when they don’t deserve it. The thing is if your only getting compliments about your looks, it’s because it’s the best thing about you.

“ “Really? I never heard of a woman being hired for a career based on her handbag instead of her education.”
- SOCIALLY it matters more, catch up.”
I’ve never heard of a man rejecting a woman “socially” based on her handbag. What you’re actually complaining about is that women judge women by their handbags. True but how is marching against Trump going to change that? If anything you should march against Hillary.

“No one ever said men do not get abused. “
No you just tried to imply it.

“Again, it’s about the difference in numbers. Please look them up.”
Yeah the numbers are between 1/2 and 1/4 of the female numbers. Nowhere near your 99% lie.
“How about the fact MANY people do not want transgendered people in their bathrooms for fear of being raped. “
If transgendered means “man who said he’s a woman that day” yeah that’s a legitimate fear.
“How about the fact that gay marriage is either labelled “gay marriage” instead of “marriage” OR ISN’T LEGAL YET.”
And that’s a woman’s issue how? Are you saying that men don’t want to get married? I thought we were past these stereotypes.
“How about the fact that women of color have to face enormous stereotypes because men decide they fit into certain categories (ie, submissive asian, horny latina, dominating black women).”
Are you seriously bringing out ethnic stereotypes as a reason women have it bad? Really? Let me look at those stereotypes, I’ll just step over this black guy killed by the police to get closer.
“How about the fact that women of color are MUCH LESS LIKELY to be heard in court when she files complaints against her abuser?”
You don’t even know if black men are much less likely than black women to be heard in court in the same circumstances are you? In fact you don’t even know if WHITE men are much less likely to be heard in court than black women.

“- BECAUSE LOOKS DO NOT MATTER. Character matters.”
And yet you spend hours getting your hair right and no time at all on displaying any character.

“And girls need to know that their personalities are noticed, that their intelligence matters, that their kindness is appreciated, that they are more than just lipgloss and high heels.”
Great so why not treat them that way? Because boys don’t have a problem noticing girls personalities, other girls do.

“ “Wrong! Boys are told plenty of times to behave themselves. I was told that all the time I was growing up.”
“- Good for you. You are an exception. “
Really? The majority of boys in your experience don’t get told not to hit people? They specifically don’t get told not to hit women? Again what sort of fucking retarded inbred community is your town?

“Boys punch either? That’s what boys do. Boys destroy toys, furniture, belongings of others? That’s what boys do.”
You have a really shitty family you know that?
“Boys hit a girl?”
He gets punished. Even if she hit him first.

“He likes her (we are literally taught that abuse = love).”
No you’re taught that some boys hit girls because they like them and are too immature to handle it appropriately. This the truth. Again how inbred, ill-educated, and generally degenerate is your town?

“However, girls are more often expected to help set the table at dinner….”
Oh the horror! Yeah I’d rather do that than yardwork, what’s your point?
“Boys will be boys is one of the most common and hurtful stereotypes going.”
There are worse, and people like you spread them.
“ And it’s still relevant today. Jeez, I heard a mother say it not even a week ago about her son.”
<whistle blows> Jesus fucking Christ another penalty for anecdotal uncheckable information, 50 fucking yards this time. Are you happy now? You’re in the fucking parking lot.

“This is real. Just because you do not fit within this mold does not mean it does not exist.”
And how does marching change that? Even if we believed that 
“That may be so, but that is what parents are for — to teach these boys to not do that. Girls also harass and annoy boys that they like. And when boys get older, they learn better ways to show a girl that he likes her.”
And marching changes that how? You know what might change this? When a man or boy acts badly, you make sure to shame the mother. Because it’s mothers and other women who control attitudes not men. Think back, how much time did your father or other men spend directing your behaviour as a kid? Yeah, you get it now don’t you?
“Again, great that you think they should — but they don’t. “

“When I was a little girl with a crush, I would write my crush a note or give him a flower. However, my first and only black eye was given to me by a boy who “liked me”.”
So he had bad communication skills and taste in females. Again, another 50 yard penalty for using anecdotal information. Now you’re outside the parking lot in the street. It’s not even legal to play from that position.
“….in short, screw your response.”
In short screw your anecdotes.