Where to live in Toronto in 2026

Let’s talk Toronto, real estate and the future and see where a 10-year prediction will lead us based on the technology trends of today. Let’s try and skate to where the puck is going.

Since I’m not much of a real estate expert, let’s start a community discussion with the real pros via a chain of articles — beginning with this one. Respond or add to the prediction and lets see where it ends up!

Part 1: Self-driving cars

Predicted to arrive any time within the next 3–4 years and reach mass market proliferation by 2026, this tech is sure to be one of the most significant societal changes in our lifetime. The decision to live somewhere is currently affected by factors such as commute time and transit scores. Living close to a preferred neighborhood or maybe even your parents is nice and can make or break the decision to go with house A over house B. More importantly, prices outside the city are less expensive.

Prediction: people will be more open to living in the suburbs and city outskirts because self-driving cars will give them more commuting freedom.

Imagine a commute where you can start your work day comfortably in your car on the way to the office, or even catch up on much needed sleep. Living in the suburbs won’t restrict your work options as much, so you can consider more of these homes. Consequently, home prices in the suburbs will continue to go up.

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