A Collection of Random Thoughts…

…that have a beginning and a middle, but not necessarily an end.
 It’s utterly baffling why 49 percent of eligible voters abstained from voting in this election — participating in our democracy is a no-brainer to me (and unfortunately it appears many voters did not use their brains). Sadly, there appear to have been enough eligible mostly minority voters — who really wanted to vote — who were purged from the rolls by GOP run states, including my state of Michigan, to have put Hillary in the White House.
 Either way you look at it, it looks like the person who was elected was elected because 49 percent of eligible voters — and borrowing that old saw about how Army soldiers volunteer for a dangerous mission — took one step back. Furthermore, enough of a percentage of eligible voters, who probably would have changed the outcome, weren’t even allowed to step up to the line and volunteer. Apparently, this particular “army” is still segregated.
 To employ a metaphor (IMO, the metaphor is underemployed): electing Trump acted as a pressure relief valve for the building frustration of much of white America — specifically those who maybe think of the ’50s as the Golden Age: it actually was for Rock ’n’ Roll, electric guitars & amps and auto design— but absolutely not for human rights. Like a relief valve in a high-pressure, high temperature system, when it goes off, it makes a lot of noise and a lot of steam (and sometimes flashing red lights, too), but it does keep the system from exploding. It’s also a warning device: what’s causing the system to build up excessive pressure in the first place?
 What’s going to happen when those disaffected, frustrated, white Americans — who miss being more equal than others — see that the narcissist they clamored for to be the president, does not return them to their former more-equal-than-others glory? When he does not create the high-paying jobs they crave? When he kicks out all the immigrants? When he cuts their Obamacare and Medicare (no more free scooters, folks)?

Keep your damn gubmint hands off my Medicare

Expanding on that last question, the more immigrants who move into a (especially rural) area, the better those economies do — people don’t move to places with no jobs — creating more jobs for everyone in the community. Take away those immigrants, and guess what? No new jobs for the white folk (who didn’t want to do the jobs the immigrants came for in the first place). Immigrants need services, too. Stores to buy groceries, clothes, cars, medicine, etc. Schools for their children. Doctors and hospitals, funeral parlors, more first responders, more garbage collectors. 
 End of random thoughts for now.