Kristen 101

Oshkosh is well-known for breeding some of Wisconsin’s finest students, but a 7th grader could only dream about ending up at Marquette University. Kristen Leonard didn’t have to dream though. A tour for the advanced English students at her middle school left a lasting impression, and from there it would be chalked up to destiny.

It was not a cakewalk to make it there, but Kristen is familiar with adversity. Dealing with the passing of her father and the ever-so-common sibling rivalry created a strong foundation. It led to an inseparable bond with her sister and mom, that drove Kristen to reach her goals.

Kristen with Simple Plan

The sisters played golf together, and bonded over pop punk music and shows at the Rave. The concerts especially deepened their exposure and love for Milwaukee, making it a home away from home, and the transition to Marquette was seamless.

Kristen is studying PR with a minor in human resources. The latter is where she truly wants to pursue a career. Her ultimate goal is to carry a role where she can help her co-workers while making a positive impact on the work environment, and I think it all falls back on her strong roots in compassion, familial bond, and the ability to overcome adversity.