Have you ever been happy just by yourself and feel like shouting out loud for the whole world to hear? Some may say it is the beginning of madness but actually its just feeling like going made because of the success you have made.

Yesterday we actually talked about tasks, challenges or difficulties and had a slogan that was to keep us going when tackling the tasks. If you were really in a task and managed to beat it down, then you have all the reason to run, jump and shout aloud for the progress you have just made.

Today was my day. I had a very difficult to conquer. Surprisingly it was not that difficult it is only that i was not familiar to it. Take a comfortable position and change your gear to two or three levels up. Enable my internet connection search for possible solution. Ask friends on chats and keep yourself charming until you find the solution.Not for so long that i have completed my tasks.

Celebrate and keep yourself smiling all time. Positivity is a key to unlock difficulties. Inner celebrations are normal especially after success from tasks. Inner celebrations always keeps you smiling. The face may not show but the heart will never lie.

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