Knicks Without KP

Micky On Sports
Mar 13, 2018 · 2 min read
Kistraps Porzingis shooting.

Kristaps Porzingis is the star of the New York Knicks, as most people say. He was leading the Knicks to a pretty fair season to start it, and then he got injured. Dunking a shot against the Milwaukee Bucks, he fell onto the court and tore his ACL in his left knee, coming out of the game with Knicks fans really worried wondering what happened, and went straight to the hospital, and they said that he had torn his ACL in his left knee. He did tweet something though, on the way back from the hospital talking about how he was thankful for the support and hopes to be back as soon as possible. That’s the sign of a true basketball player.

He is out for the rest of the 2018 season, doctors say, and could come back next season. Meanwhile, Knicks fans are heart-broken, mostly for KP and a little bit for how their team is doing in 11th place, 3 from what they want (1st — 8th places make the playoffs without a wild card (there is no wild card in basketball) and then play each other by seedings) . Then again, it wouldn’t be so bad being 3 places away if they weren’t over 20 games behind the Miami Heat, the eighth place team. The Knicks have retreated back to how they played last season, very bad. They could have had a questionable chance of making around 6th place with KP and making the playoffs. The Knicks still have a level-level team, they’re not the worst team in the NBA. But the Knicks continue to slump like the other New York teams, and it’s not changing by the look.

The other NBA New York team, the New York Nets, aren’t doing better then the Knicks at all. Their 2 places behind the Knicks, which means third to last place. Their one of the teams that nobody good is with them, no starts, except for the Nets fairly new place in Brooklyn, Barclays Center.

But they still have some fresh and young good players though, for example Enes Kanter, and Frank Ntilikina who can play, and they can build more around those three, Kristaps, Frank, and Enes. For the top bench players like Tim Hardaway Jr., they can be the guys around the main 3.

Even though it’s not going well for the Knicks PLAY BALL

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