Mets start 2018 season high

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Apr 5, 2018 · 3 min read
Noah Syndergaard, Number 34

After a hard 2017 season with Terry Collins, this low-rated team starts off good. The Mets, a team that went 70–92 in 2017, did not go all the way up to what they were predicted, a year ago, but after everything they did in the offseason and spring training, the first 6 games of the 2018 season pays off. After the new manager, replacing TC, named Mickey Callaway reset the lineup to have Cespedes and Conforto batting higher, the Mets started off the season going 5–1, and the team record .833. That made them the top team in the NL East, over the amazing Nationals.

After a slightly rocky spring training, especially against the Houston Astros, they opened the season with a 9–4 win against the Cardinals. They ended up winning 2 of the 3 games of that series, their only loss a 5–1 game. Their other win a 6–2 game. The Mets then stayed home to prepare for a 7:10 game against the Phillies, only then to learn that that game was canceled to due snow, and that they would have a double header on July 9th. The next night, the first one at night for the Mets. They won that game 2–0, and then won the next game at 1:10 on facebook against the Phillies 4–2.

Facebook Frenzy

The 1:10 game on Wednesday, which was televised by Facebook, was not the best one. In terms of playing, the teams both did great after a delay — but in terms of watching, it was all messed up. The Mets and MLB had decided to let Facebook telecast their first game. ‘That was a mistake’, agreed most MLB Sports fan watchers. Not only did you have to have a facebook account to watch the game, and the game wasn’t on anything else, they didn’t have a scoreboard until later in the game, and when they did have the scoreboard, it was giant. Facebook was hoping this would be ‘History’, but it ended up being one and done.

From that, the Mets, who had luckily only accepted to have one game, ESPN and FOX not thinking they were a good enough team, and they and MLB learned the hard way that they shouldn’t be having Facebook do their games until they have a new format. The Mets will go on national tv again against the Nationals on Sunday Night Baseball, at 8:08.

New Changes

The Mets, after Terry Collins quit as manager, moved himed to special assistant to GM, and hired former Indians pitching coach, who with his team led the league in strikeouts and in E.R.A (Earned Run Average), with a league low 3.30, and led the league in strikeouts, (1,614). The Mets took him, and kept their GM Sandy Alderson. The telecasting service for the Mets SNY (Sports New York) which previously had only been available on channel 718 in New York and recently on SNY.TV, had been moved to be available on the National Youtube TV, now being able to be watched from any youtube tv users.

In terms of Players, they also picked up Adrian Gonzalez from the dodgers, Todd Frazier from the Yankees, Jay Bruce right back from the Indians, (After being traded away when the team was out of playoff contention) and finally Ty Kelly back from the Phillies, (He was traded away in 2016, and wasn’t really doing great, but played in the 2017 World Baseball Classic for Israel. (He was Jewish) USA Ended up winning it all, which took place before spring training.

Mets Predictions

After being predicted to finish by some people 3rd, some 4th in the NL East standings, the Mets big start and 1st time around the rotation might change that a little bit. Going from around third place, and a 5, 6 or 7, in scoring from 1–10, would probably change to a 2nd place, going to a 6, 7 or 8. If they continued playing the way they were, and take the Sunday Night Baseball game against the Nationals, they could just possibly be a first place — or more likely a Wild Card team again.

They might have started off, slow, and it may just be a lucky season start, but the Mets, with the only other competitors in the division the Nationals and maybe the Braves, could finish first or definitely second.

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