Opening day 2018

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Mar 30, 2018 · 3 min read
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After a winter and most of the Fall in the waiting, all MLB teams play their first game of their seasons for the first time in baseball history. Instead of having the usual some teams today some tomorrow, they all did it today. After a long break, here comes 2018 Baseball. Note: MLB added a new rule that each team only gets 6 mound visits per game.
The first listed game was a Cubs-Marlins game in Miami, with the Cubs winning 8–4. In that game, the first pitch of the season, in the top of the first, was homered into left field. The opening day Pirates-Tigers game in Detroit was postponed, which would give another day off for the Pirates and Tigers. The Nationals — Cincinnati Reds game was delayed also. That left MLB to the Cardinals — Mets, Twins — Orioles, Astros — Rangers, Yankees — Blue Jays, Red Sox-Rays, Angels-Athletics, Brewers-Padres, Phillies — Braves, and the White Sox-Royals.

In the NL East, 4 of the 5 teams playing because of the Nationals delayed game. The Mets outhit the Cardinals, with their Ace Noah Syndergaard on the mound and Key Player Yoenis Cespedes at Bat. The Mets homered none but won the game, 9–4. Meanwhile, the Phillies beat the Braves with a walk-off from Nick Markais, and the Marlins lost to the Cubs. With the Nats game postponed, that forms the NL East into a one-game — difference, like all other divisions during opening week.
In the NL Central, only one more than half of the division played, because of the Reds — Nationals, and Pirates-Tigers games, both postponed. However for the teams that did play, the Cubs (vs. Marlins) and the Brewers playing the Padres and the Cardinals playing the Mets. The Cubs beat the Marlins going to 1–0, and the Cardinals took a shot to the head, their final score 9–4 against the should — have — been easier — to — win — against — Mets. The Milwaukee Brewers incredibly won in 12 innings, but half sadly they were playing away and had no chance to hit a walk off. Orlando Arcia did, however, hit a single to bring in Ji-Man Choi, and that was the winning run for Milwaukee, Jacob Barnes striking out the side in the bot 12th to win the game for his team. The NL Central division standings looked a little funny with the two postponed games, but 2 of the 3 teams that played won to start the season.

In the NL West, the division would be cool to look at and see, that 4 of the 5 teams, played each other, meaning the Rockies and Diamondbacks will play each other, both in the NL West, and the Dodgers and Giants played each other, them also both in the NL West. The Dodgers, with their unhittable Ace, Clayton Kershaw, surprisingly lost to the Giants, a team that had a terrible 64–98 record in 2017, finishing in last place. It was a loss that was understandable because the Final Score was 1–0, with Clayton letting up the one run to Joe Panik, who previously, had only 2 HR against lefties. The game wasn’t really a breakout, the Dodgers with 6 hits and the Giants with 8. The Rockies and Diamondbacks will play at 10:10 PM ET.
In the AL East, the Yankees, playing the Blue Jays, won 6–1. Giancarlo Stanton, a former Marlin and now a Yankee over the offseason, homered in his first Yankee at-bat in the 1st, and then again later in the game. The Red Sox and Rays, also both in the same division, played each other. The Red Sox coming off a playoff season, lost to the Tampa Bay Rays 6–4, To finish the division opening day, the Orioles won against the Twins 3–2. All of the Teams played in the AL East, and 3 of 5 of them won.
In the AL Central and West, the scores were: White Sox 14 Royals 7, Twins 2 Orioles 3. In the West, Athletics 6 Angles 5, Astros 4 Rangers 1. All the other teams either play at 10:10 PM ET, or have postponed games.
Overall in the MLB, most teams did great, and the MLB season starts 2018!

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