Rangers Season Falls

Rangers having a bad season

The New York Rangers had an amazing 2017 year. They made the playoffs and beat the canadiens 4–2, in the first playoff series, and then advanced on to sadly lose to the Ottawa Senators in a 4–2 series loss. Although, they had a very strong regular season. They entered the 2018 season, hoping to reach the playoffs again and get past the second round. The problem was, Rangers couldn’t really reach that high in the standings. They were usually around 6th place, not getting close as they were in the 2017 season. Their record is around 31–32, meaning their having trouble getting past a tied or loosing record. In spite of having such a bad season, the Rangers decided to restart their team. They traded away the captain of the team, Ryan Mcdonagh, to the Tampa Bay Lightning, who was their best player, and also gave away Rick Nash, also one of their best players, to the Boston Bruins. By doing those two moves, they technically admitted to rebuilding their team.

The team that won the Stanley cup two straight years, (including last) the Pittsburgh Penguins is the opposite of how the Rangers are doing, hanging around in 1st — 3rd place. (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place + the two Wild card teams makes the playoffs in each conference, the Western and the Eastern) it looks like the Penguins are going to at least make the playoffs this year.

The Rangers did however, pick up some new players, and are hoping to play a much better season next year. The Rangers are melting in to be like the Knicks without porzingis, for this season (He got injured slamming a dunk against Milwaukee earlier in the season), being a team that is annoying to watch, but they are starting to go in the win direction a little bit though and it looks like if they can put on full power for next season they can at least make the playoffs. But it’s not like their the only sports team in New York that’s doing bad. None of the New York teams (Except the Yankees in the ALDS and ALCS, and game Seven almost making the WS), are really making big progress in their sports.

Besides for the Baseball and Football seasons, which haven’t started/just ended yet, the Mets, Knicks, Nets, Jets, and Giants, all are having/ had not good seasons. And now, for this season at least, the Rangers are part of that group. (The Red Bulls did make the playoffs and got past the knockout round, but lost there. They aren’t the best team but made the MLS playoffs, but they aren’t that bad either.) But never give up. You never know when the Rangers might blast off in the 2018–2019 season and win the Stanley Cup over the Penguins.


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