What To Expect from the 2018 Mets

Micky On Sports
Mar 13, 2018 · 2 min read
Terry Collins and the Mets after a win

The Mets had a terrible season. All their players were injured. They didn’t have good backups for every position. Their players were all messed up. They had to make a shortstop a right fielder. They had to make a 3rd baseman a 1st baseman. Their pitchers all got injured, and they had to bring someone up from double-A. Matt Harvey Got injured. Noah Syndergaard got injured. They didn’t have a real season. They had an uncompetitive season. They started to make trades and changes for 2018 then. They traded away Neil Walker, Adisson Reed, Lucas Duda, Bartolo Colon, and, the team leader, and second to best player, the long time Met veteran, Curtis Granderson.

They came into the offseason with a scattered team. They couldn’t really go straight into the 2018 season with that team, so they fired their manager, Terry Collins, and got Mickey Callaway. They got a first baseman, and a backup first baseman. They got a third baseman. They organized their team. They traded away some players. They picked some up. They even picked up a injury coach to make sure fewer players got hurt.

Now they come into the 2018 season with a more organized lineup. Their opening day one could be their main one. The Mets aren’t the best team in baseball and still won’t be the best team in baseball, and they’re going to have some bumpy parts in their schedule. It could be split up into 3 parts: The Mets will have the hardest time against the Yankees, and the Nationals , and the dodgers mostly. Then a few other teams are not on top but are better then the Mets, like the Baltimore Orioles, the Colorado Rockies, and the St. Luis Cardinals. But mostly for the other teams in their division besides the Nats that are in rebuilding mode, and most of the other teams they play, will be a pretty straight-out win.

The Mets might have a bit of trouble against the big teams, but they could be a little bit above a fine team. Their grading from 1–10 would probably a 6 or 7, compared to the Yankees with around a 8 or 9.

But no matter how hard or easy… PLAY BALL

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