Heneral Luna Critique Paper

Heneral Luna was the best historical movie ever produced. From the cinematography, script, dialogue, casting, scoring and effects. The film tells the story of their General Luna who bravely fought the Americans when they invaded the country, but more it tells the story of the filipino people and their weaknesses. Practically all we know about him is that he had a very bad temper which gained him a lot of enemies, eventually leading to his assassination. Aside from telling us specific situations where this legendary temper flared up, we also get to meet him more intimately as a leader, a soldier, as a son and as a man. Antonio Luna is the general who commanded the nascent Philippine Army during the Philippine Revolution. Most of us thinks that this movie is all about the story of Gen. Luna, yes, but on the otherhand it is also the story of our history during the american time, we have a history of poor performance of government, we don’t have an strong government officials, not physically strong but rather mentally, mentally stong to think for the safetyness of the citizens. his bravery on the battlefield makes me inspired to serve my country, to lead my country. As Gen. Luna said, we have a strong enemy than the americans, our self. Luna was killed by troops of the Kawit,he sagely killed. The theme of film was political art, because it carries social function, social function is the life of filipinos during phlippine revolution. I think this film was a propaganda, to wake up the blind and poor government of the philippines. I’m shame not on my country but in my coutrymen. There are lots of art presented on the film, the Spoliarium who painted by Juan Luna, brother of Antonio Luna. On the script, They also used catchy words, they used words that can easily understand so that’s why the film had many famous lines like “negosyo o kalayaan? bayan o sarili? Pumili ka!”. And also the other scrips are poetically-written, we all know that poem is part of an art, so i consider. For me Joven Hernandez was the narrator of the movie. Just like in the company, he is the secretary of the CEO, which the CEO of the company is Gen. Luna. Joven narrates the life of Luna and the Filipinos. He is the eye of the history and the head of the film, head which lead the entire movie.

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