A Very Friendly 20-Month-Old Boy

Berkeley is now at an age where he will smile and say hi to everyone, from the aunties at the park, to the shopkeepers at the mall, to the foreign workers at construction site (near to my folks place in Sin Ming).

Usually these “complete strangers” will smile and wave back at him. Berkeley will then wave back even more eagerly, which prompt them to respond with equal enthusiasm.

And I, as his adult wingman, will then feel obliged to join in this hi/bye back-and-forth. What’s typically a 1-second affair is now a full-minute “greeting tango”, which always end up with everyone involved grinning like the happy bunnies you find in children’s story books.

It happened again this morning when we walked past an old auntie sitting alone at the void deck below our HDB block. She was staring blankly into the distance, clearly deep in her own thoughts, when Berkeley started waving madly at her.

I tried to drag Berkeley along, fearing that we may be disturbing her, but Berkeley refused to budge.

And then, she noticed Berkeley, and her face lit up!

You know how sometimes when old people smile wholeheartedly they look decades younger? That’s the look on her face.

When we finally waved our last goodbye, the old auntie gave me a knowing smile, and I nodded back.

It was a great moment, which is why I’m penning this down. Somehow, I feel that I’ve just learnt a great lesson in life from my 20-month-old boy.

Thank you, Berkeley. You are a real blessing.