Why I dont jump into the GIRLFRIEND-BOYFRIEND and ME thing

Whenever I surf the internet, strangely, I always found myself cruising the seduction boards. Perhaps for old-time sake. Anyways, even though its been months since I stopped contributing my own exploits in pick up, seduction and women. The pattern seems not to change, most guys asked how to talk, approach and pull women to sex. Some asks how to make her stay and the most banal of them all is “how to sleep with a married woman or has a boyfriend?”

I used to do this stuff but I dont give out any advices how. Honestly, those days of hunting married or in-a-relationship women are over. The worse part, some guys just want to know how, they try to find any information to the point I was asked “how” did I do it. Of course I never told them the secret, just some generic “boy friend” destroyer routine I learned from an old PUA article.

Anyways, since I have done the bf-gf and me thing, the only reason why I stopped doing so, was the mere feeling the guy must have felt if her girlfriend cheated on him. He has some part of the blame why but the point is putting myself in the shoe of that dude. Not to mention the rage he might feel.

In real life situations, whenever I go out to clubs or just chill down inside a mall or any place where there are plenty of people. It has been a habit for me to approach pretty women and get their numbers or in some instances have a cup of coffee, tea or lunch with them. Oftenly, it’s a banal thing to me, when they would give the “I have a boyfriend” spiel. Whether its genuine or not, I just assume it is true. WHY?

Reasons “why”:

True or not, it’s a sign of rejection or unavailability.

So whatever she meant by that spiel, two things pop into my head. REJECTION and UNAVAILABILITY.

Being rejected is good…

it shows the flaws of your approach and clearly she doesnt like you(yet). So here’s your takes on it, perhaps it’s because of your tonality, body language and clothes. At some point take a look on those, most of failed approaches are caused by the lack of those elements. The logic is simple, she’s clearly not attracted to you and that’s a simple fix. And most importantly show a high level confidence. A confident man doesnt only attract women more but everyone.

UNAVAILABILITY is a good boundary to respect.

She has something to do and, obviously, doesn’t. give a little time to entertain a stranger. Also, its safe to say, why would you force yourself to someone? If she was single and interested, she’ll give the most, five seconds of her time as a window.

In my own opinion, the sexual happines of a guy comes with sex. And everyone loves sex, we just view it in different perspectives. In my experience, being on the BOYFRIEND-GIRLFRIEND and ME cycle is just tiring. Being that guy who fullfills the sexual gratification of a girl while her boyfriend stands and does nothing. This happens commonly to dudes who are too nice or likes to play safe. Thinking about it gives me the stress that gets into my nerves. My lazy nerves.

Some guys would push the thought, what if it was a “shit test”?

Honestly, if it was a shit test or something a girl would respond to a guy just to test him, why would she say she has a boyfriend and just lie about it in the end? A question to answer a question, it works as if it is a paradox but to put it simple, a man who knows when to say no, respect boundaries and still cool after. Is more attractive than a guy who pushes himself further than necessary.

Everytime I’m out there in the prowl, sitting still and waiting for that single woman walking in the street, mall, club or anywhere. Who could turn up to be the next awesome moment that could happen to my day. Whether she could turn up to be a fuck buddy, a fling or even a girlfriend. I always place these filters inside my head.

  • is she single?
  • -is she sane?
  • -is she cool to my own view of the world?
  • -is fun in bed?

We can call these filters as my own values of my life when it comes on meeting women. And it makes my life easier than it has to be.

What if you were confronted by her shaking and looks-like-want-to-punch-you in the face boyfriend. Just back away, the mere fact he is shaking like a chicken means he’s more scared than angry. Honestly, if he was more than angry about you, he would instantly punch you in the face the moment he saw you. One more reason I keep my distance to women whose in a relationship.

My own fantasy of death is to die doing the real extreme ie: jumping of the cliff , in a car accident while attempting to do a drift, chased by a wild animal bigger than me, crushed by avalanche, dropped from the sky and forgot to open the parachute or drowned while surfing a 50-foot wave and not on beating of an angered beta-male.