How Buzzbundle Can Help You To Find Your Target Audience

How Buzzbundle Can Help You To Find Your Target Audience

When it comes to bringing targeted traffic to a blog, you do everything you can to ensure that this happens. This generally means being involved on forums, social networks, blogs and Q&A websites — spreading the word about you and your business.

One way you can bring targeted traffic to your website is Buzzbundle. It was developed by the powerhouses of SEO Powersuite. This is one tool I use every morning for the last four months to generate interest in my blog. In fact, I’ve been using Buzzbundle since I was able to get an early beta copy of it.

It’s a part of my promotional strategy for at least one hour every day. During one month of my using it, I managed to make nearly $10,000 with nearly 9,500 unique visitors on my blog with this strategy. All I did was the following:

  • Use social media, forums and other avenues to find the audience
  • Participate in the audience’s conversations
  • Give help whenever necessary
  • Provide content when and where appropriate

Buzzbundle is useful when it comes to saving time, as it’ll look for my target audience and makes it easy for them to connect with them.

What You Need To Know About Buzzbundle

When it comes to Buzzbundle, you can check out forums, blogs, Q&A sites and social networks. It will look through the various content that relate to your keywords. You can easily join conversations and keep an eye on your campaigns. It has a verification process for when you set up a new profile. Best of all, it’s compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows systems.

How You Can Set Up Your Own Buzzbundle Campaign

If you’re curious about Buzzbundle and would like to set up your own campaign, you’ll be glad to know that it can be done in four easy steps.

  • Choose the “Create New Project”
  • Add the website URL and hit “Next”
  • Enter keywords you want to search for and find the related conversations
  • Pick the networks and social media you want and then hit “Finish”

Layout Changes

When it comes to the column layout, you can change it so that it appears to read easier. All you need to do is hit the cog on the right-hand side, hit edit and add or remove the columns you want.

For myself, I’d rather have my columns spread out to Q&A sites, forums and blogs that mention my social networks, keywords and website.

Now, you can sort out the columns however you want. In the options sections, you’ll need to include and/or remove the keywords, depending on the content you’re searching for.

Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors

Buzzbundle gives you the option to keep an eye on your competitors based on your keywords. This is useful because you can integrate yourself into conversations regarding your competitors.

Set Up A Proxy

Make sure you check the proxy rotation in order to import the private proxies. If you’re searching for a lot of keywords or URLs, then you’ll need proxies to give you the best results. Be sure to use a tool like BuyProxies to help you do this. Of course, with a minute number of keywords, you don’t have to do this.

Setting Up A Profile and Persona

Once you’ve done the above, it’s time to set up your persona. You’ll need to have the following information typed in:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

Buzzbundle will also send you the password to your listed email account to verify emails.

You may also want to include your picture. If you want to include any personal information you can — gender, birthdate, location and “About” section. Here, you can include your social media accounts.

Add your existing account information to produce an account on Buzzbundle. Hit finish and it’s added to the persona.

How You Can Start Using Buzzbundle

  • Locate Your Target Audience — Add your keywords and hit Find Buzz. Afterwards, Buzzbundle will pull any posts that are related to your keywords.
  • Directly Engage With Your Audience — Using the columns for blogs and forums, you can comment on various sites.

For instance, you can help someone who is looking for something. You can submit your answer and it’ll post when you hit the “OK” button. It’s just that easy.

Using Social Network and Buzzbundle

In the Social Networks column, a filter option will get rid of posts that don’t relate to your search. If you’re looking for something in particular, search for it using the keyword. This will help you locate your target audience that’s written or has talked about that keyword, and then write a similar post using SEO that you can promote. Once done, send it out.

This can be done as many times as you want, with the option to include a location, attachment, shortened URL and set up tweets.

Buzzbundle’s Power

This is way in which I have used Buzzbundle — my way of boosting and increasing traffic. Just think what kinds of results you would get if you used it for one to two hours each day!

I’ve added other keywords to my search, making sure that anything that’s tied to the content I’ve already published so I can learn more about my targeted audience. My goal is to narrow down who my target audience is and get them involved by suggesting content they may have an interest in.

My goal is to help people and get them to subscribe to the blog, share my articles and purchase items through the affiliates.

Buzzbundle ensures this happens.

What I Really Think About Buzzbundle

I only spend about one hour every day using Buzzbundle to promote my blog. And, when I have new posts to share, I used it for several hours to promote them. It decreases the amount of work I need to do in targeting the right audience. It takes me mere minutes to connect with my audience.

If you want to generate traffic quickly, this is one tool you definitely need in your arsenal. All you need to do is download the free trial and see for yourself how good it is.


Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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