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Preview of Ghidra’s GUI

These instructions were tested with macOS Catalina version 10.15.3.

  • Download Ghidra from the NSA’s website. Extract the contents.
  • Give the decompiler permissions to run. If you were to run Ghidra now, upon analyzing the binary, you’ll receive a message that indicates you are prevented from opening an app from an unidentified developer. To do this, in Finder, open <YOUR_DOWNLOAD_PATH>/ghidra_9.1.2_PUBLIC/Ghidra/Features/Decompiler/os/osx64/decompile. Note you'll have to change Ghidra's version in the path. Right-click, select open, confirm.
  • Add Ghidra to your $PATH.
  • Install the Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit. Install version 11.
  • Start Ghidra with ghidraRun.
  • Make a new project (not shared)…

A sampling of reverse engineering puzzle write ups

That’s us — the ▣ Square!

BSidesSF’s CTF was last week and I must give props to the organizers for putting on such a smooth show. I participated along side a group of coworkers from Square and we ranked third of the on-site teams. 🎉 I worked on two of the reverse engineering puzzles, and had loads of fun along the way. I would highly recommend this CTF as a low-stress environment to dive into something completely different for a weekend.

And now on to the good stuff!

Dungeon 1

These are the steps required to set up a Wacom tablet with Ubuntu 16.04.

Install Drivers

You can find instructions to directly install or build Wacom driver for Ubuntu here. This should install xserver-xorg-input-wacom, libwacom2, and libwacom-common. Restart your computer once the drivers are installed. Upon restarting, you’ll know that the drivers are functioning properly if it appears under USB devices.

✦ lsusb
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 056a:0017 Wacom Co., Ltd CTE-450 [Bamboo Fun]

Configuring Driver Settings

You can use the driver’s CLI to configure your tablet, stylus, eraser, and cursor. Find your devices and set the options as desired.

Charming device that is everything nice.

The Switch had one of the smoothest releases in console history and I’ve had loads of fun playing with mine since then. Nintendo has been rolling out new games every week and I am writing this review for people still on the fence of making the purchase.


I fell in love with the Switch as soon as I set it up — my first impression was that it is a delightful device. Its charm comes through in the UI, which has really polished motion graphics and adorable sound effects. Every interaction is accompanied by a little chirp or ring. For…

In an attempt to learn more about 3DS hacking, I put together some notes on terms and concepts related to some of the exciting stuff happening in the 3DS community. My notes are somewhat unorganized (I typed them up in markdown, which Medium does not like…), but it’s an attempt to centralize some of this information. If you stumble across this, I hope it answers some of your questions. You will probably get the most out of this by reading the links as you scroll through the notes. Let me know if there is information I should update or clarify!

Jordan and I are working on an Arduino project and we scraped together these bits of information from around the internet to finally get the screen to turn on! (Yay!) To save you the trouble we went through, here is everything we’ve learned. And I always appreciate feedback, so let me know if there is anything I can clarify or fix.

In this example, we are specifically using an Arduino Micro and an Adafruit Monochrome 128x64 OLED screen.

Arduino Micro Pins

To start, you should take a peek at the pin diagram from Arduino’s site. …

Alamo Square in San Francisco at night. Credit to Andrew Zarivny / Shutterstock.

There’s a surprising dearth of comprehensive resources detailing how to relocate yourself to a major city after college. This post will focus on how Jordan Mecom and I planned our move to San Francisco.


This is a must if you plan on living in the city. The average cost of rent in SF is around $3,670, which is inconceivable with one college grad’s income alone. The more people you can find, the better because the cost per square feet decreases dramatically. Since you have just graduated, there will probably be others in your graduating class moving to SF/a major city…


Will probably use this blog to write about video games.

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