Neuroscience of Microlearning: Why bit-sized learning is better for you and your learners

Emma Lin
Emma Lin
Oct 20, 2017 · 3 min read

Microlearning — also known as bit-sized learning is the future of corporate trainings! This is undeniably a general claim to make, especially when so many companies are still relying on conventional, tried and tested methods of teaching and training employees. Some people argue that you should never try to mend something that is not yet broken, therefore stick to the traditional corporate training methods. However, in this rapidly changing world of short attention spans and visually engaging apps, you have to act smart to keep the attention of your learners, if you want your company to succeed. Microlearning has been proven effective and efficient for corporate training programs, and organizations are creating learning campaigns that deliver small chunks of learning over a period of days, instead of day-long training courses.

What Microlearning Actually is:

If you have often heard the term microlearning (often spelled as micro-learning) just casually thrown here and there with reference to new and advanced training programs but you do not understand what actually it is, let’s break it up and understand it in the simplest possible words. Microlearning is the process of transmitting information to the learners in the smallest possible chunks. It is the best way to convey the most significant kind of knowledge effectively to the learners and make them understand and process it well in a short period of time. Understand it like this: microlearning focuses on the ‘micro’ aspect of learning, meaning it is focused on bite-sized pieces of information that a learner has to process and remember for a micro minute or short period of time.

Can Microlearning Really Work for Corporate Trainings?

Are you wondering if microlearning can actually work for corporate trainings? The answer is, yes, of course! Microlearning specially caters to the needs of employees working for corporate companies, since these are the people who are always on a crunch time with too much work pressure and responsibilities to handle. Microlearning training programs can efficiently divide all the required information they would need for a specific work project in small segments. Owing to the small bits and pieces of knowledge they would have to remember instead of full fledge manuals, it will be easier for them to focus on small things and process it in their minds.

As a matter of fact, bite-sized trainings or microlearning training programs are also an excellent way to update and refresh some of your senior most and trained employees. They would just need to focus on small modules to update their existing knowledge on the subject.

What Makes Microlearning So Effective and Why is it Better for Your Learners:

Brevity is the essence of microlearning and this is what makes it so effective. It is highly suggested that you use platforms like Trainingpop to design your microlearning modules. Trainingpop enables you to create colourful, vivid and bright brief bit-sized chunks on information that your learners can access on any of their digital device, thus making it more accessible and easy to remember. Trainingpop also offers a ton of options to make bit-sized learning more fun and convenient, for instance you can update your text anytime if you want to communicate something more to your leaners.

Emma Lin

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Emma Lin

I’m a Beyonce fan who loves eLearning development. I design learning content that makes complex information easy to learn and remember — period.

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