All you need is love phone

Can you imagine that 2 MILLIARD of people do not have access to banks because these banks do not give them credits without a credit record? Even in the United States approximately 50 MILLION still do not have a credit record. And that means that they just cannot start their business even if they have brilliant ideas! It is almost a vicious circle as banks are afraid to loan out without a credit history (and we understand this) and potential businessmen cannot “achieve” that history because nobody trusts them and nobody gives credit. 
Micromoney is not afraid and we trust you! Why? 
Because we know how to make scoring of unbanked clients. All we need is a phone to represent your creditworthiness. Traditionally, scoring is based on credit report information typically sourced from credit bureaus. And we evaluate the potential risk by big data that is provided already by your phone. 
Only today, more than 3 million of smartphones have been sold. Mobile phones in general are widespread. 72% of Americans own smartphones. South Korea — 88%! Malaysia — 65%! And there is an increasing tendency toward smartphones. Mobile devices have made our lives easier. Even for such “conservative” institution as BANKS. Smartphone can tell us more about its owner than the owner himself! It concerns a passport that all other banks need. Smartphone is the only tool that we can use to gather data for full scoring.

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