Doing the market first transparent token distribution campaign

We follow the principles of transparent, green and socially conscious business and share this vision for our token distribution campaign.

At the moment, the token distribution event generated more than $7,7 million and keeps the active growth paces as more and more contributors are joining our campaign to support the world’s unbanked. Each contribution is matter and we respect the participant’s’ right to be aware of all business decisions we take based on the generous funding we raised.

Therefore, we are ready to show all the amount of money we attracted and to reveal any expenses made and their purposes.

First of all, all our business plans with calculations, risks and researches data can be found in our whitepaper. There are also our plans for further expenses:

15% of the funding will be spent on the development of our platform and mobile applications;

15% will be used to properly set up legal, operational and marketing framework;

70% will be used to establish the available capital for social loans.

Second, all token operations are safe for contributors. Thanks to the smart contract developed by Ambisafe, the token will be assigned to wallets right after the purchase. The speed of transaction will depend on the network congestion, however, all the tokens will be received by their holders.

Finally, we are ready to open our data individually. if you personally want to know more details please contact and we’ll send you all the available information.