MicroMoney to List AMM Token on Coinrail Exchange

MicroMoney to List AMM Token on Coinrail Exchange

MicroMoney, a global fintech company and a revolutionary blockchain credit bureau, has announced a new partnership with Coinrail — a Korean bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Coinrail has been operating since October and is considered a competitive player in the cryptocurrency market. The Coinrail exchange platform offers a variety of currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Stratis, Dash, OmiseGO and others. 
MicroMoney will list it’s AMM token for trading on Coinrail within a few days. The company has just ended its token distribution campaign with $10.5 million raised, and now wants to involve more individuals worldwide to trade and exchange AMM tokens.

MicroMoney was founded in 2015 and has already setup offices in a number of countries of Southern Asia, such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand. What differs MicroMoney from other credit bureaus is simplicity and availability of its blockchain based loans. Moreover, no collateral, paper documentation from applicants is requiredl instead MicroMoney’s mobile application allows a person to have a real chance to get a loan even if he or she doesn’t have a credit history. The only requirement is to provide consent on accessing and processing personal data from the person’s smartphone.

The application is based on neural networks, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, which analyze big data to provide a likelihood on whether the client will be able to repay a credit. The company hopes this will help more than 2 billion of unbanked people with no credit rating score get a chance to enter the financial world with positive credit histories. There are thousands of positive feedbacks from clients already that support the MicroMoney’s misison.

Coinrail’s expected volume of transactions will be more than $40 mln. Coinrail and MicroMoney’s partnership can provide many benefits for both companies. Coinrail can help bring more value to the AMM token and help continue to implement MicroMoney’s mission on providing social loans for the unbanked around the world.

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